Thursday, December 22, 2016

Saturday Session + Festive Season Hours

Thanks to everybody who was able to attend our Xmas Celebration Dinner at Mado's Restaurant, we hope you all had a fabulous night!

Saturday Session

This Saturday lets head to Southbank and bring a towel! It looks like it will be a warm one and that Southbank pool if very tempting for a post run cool down!

Oh and a great opportunity to burn some energy before the festivities begin! 

When: Saturday 24th December

Where: Meet on the Southbank Surf Club Steps

Time: 6am-7:30am

Cost: $2

What: really whatever you like, as long as it involves moving!! Come along, find somebody keen to do the same and set off!
A long run, a long walk, a walk-run, parkrun, etc!

Swim, coffee, breaky, chats! 

Parking: Don't forget only $2 to park under Southbank until 9am or 10am with a parkrun token

Festive Season Hours

Here are our session times over the festive season

Saturday 24th Dec Christmas Eve - Long Run as above

Sunday 25th Dec Christmas Day - come along to Southbank to join in the annual Parkrun Christmas day run!  7am 

Monday 26th Dec Boxing Day - No Session

Wednesday 28th Dec - 6pm-7pm normal session The Ship Inn

Saturday 31st Dec - 6am-7:30am Southbank Memories & reflection run! We will visit all our favourite places around the City, Southbank, Kangaroo Point, there will be music and don't worry, everybody will be challenged and nobody will be left behind. By the end of it, you might even have formed your new years resolution or two!  Then swim, coffee and chats.

Monday 2 January - 5pm-6pm the Ship Inn Southbank. It's a public holiday so come along and run out those festive treats! 

Wowo, can't believe 2016 is coming to a close so soon.

Happy Running
BRS Coaches 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Saturday Session, Christmas Dinner

Saturday Session

This week we will head to Captain Burke Park.  Long Run options and hill training options for those of you wishing to visit the hill at the northern end of The Story Bridge.

When: Saturday 17th December, 2016
Time: 6am - 7:30am
Where: Captain Burke Park
What: Long Run + breakfast

Cost: $2

Hope to see you there.

Christmas Dinner

One more final reminder about our BRS Christmas dinner get together.  Can't wait and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone.

When: Saturday 17th December

Where: Mados Turkish Restaurant, Tribune St, Southbank.

Time: 5:30pm till whenever

What: Early dinner so the members with kids can come too and have them home in a reasonable hour.  Those of you wishing to party on, there are heaps of options in and around Southbank.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Saturday Session & Be Inspired

Saturday Session & Soren's Get Together

Can you believe it ? Soz is 2 already! We would love you to come along and help us celebrate. 
For the BRS run that morning, we will meet at 6am at the playground if you want to join us for a walk/run

Otherwise, pop along to the markets, grab some breaky and meet us at the playground at 8am or after! 

Beat the heat and a great excuse to catch up!
Bring a blanket in case we can't get a table!! 

PLEASE no pressies! Soren has all he needs and isn't old enough to want

When: Saturday 3rd December

Where: Meet at the New Farm Park Playground (where the coffee cart is as you go around the gardens, if you get to the toilets, you have gone too far!)

Time: 6:00 - 7:30am for a run

AND if you can stay.... 8:00am onwards for the party and breaky 

Looking forward to seeing those who can make it! 


So it was released on 28th November - I am still yet to find it scheduled at a cinema, but I am waiting!!

I am inspired by Usain and everything he has done for running and athletics. 
I admire his charismatic nature and the fact he is always striving to better himself and to inspire others.

I hope to see this one over the holiday season!

Usain Bolt is a globally adored icon. He is a man who defines athletics, transcends sport and embodies his homeland, a man whose signature lightning pose has become a symbol of inspiration for generations now and to come. He is a man we know from the track - his focus, his smile, his winning and now I Am Bolt lets us see the real man behind the Triple Treble Olympic Gold Medals for the very first time. Usain shares unprecedented access to himself, welcoming us into his life as an Olympic & sporting legend, best friend, teammate and son. Experience first-hand & close up what being Usain Bolt is really like - from his grueling training days with his incredible coach and sprint team, to competing on the global stage, much of which was shot by Usain himself. See how he overcomes major setbacks and challenges along the way and discover how he spends his downtime and relaxes with his true inner circle, friends and family, allowing the directors unprecedented access into all facets of his life, both on and off the track. Hear from those closest to him - his parents, his agent, his coach, his fellow athletes and of course from the legend himself. This is the real Usain - as you have never seen before. Raw, revealing, joyful and inspiring.

More inspiration

Matt and I recently watched the 2015 Finding the Fittest Male and Female on Earth! These athletes are amazing, their agility, their strength, their determination. 

They swim, lift weights, run, do hand stand walks, body weight exercises, jump, hurdles and so much more. Each athlete has a judge to ensure perfect technique so there is no compromise and less injury. 

Yes it is the Reebok Cross Fit games, we watched the 2015. The winner had been training for 7 years, just chipping away at regular goals. It is available on Netfix and I highly recommend it. 

Happy Running

BRS Coaches.