Thursday, August 16, 2018

Saturday Session, Coops Corner and more

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 18th August

Time6am - 8am

Where: Regatta Hotel Carpark, 543 Corronation Dr, Toowong.

What: 2 hour multi-terrain run including roads, trails and of course hills.  Perfect lead up to the Beach to Brother event.

Followed by Breakfast and a coffee of course.

Cost: $2 (I will bring some refreshments)


Breaky, Babies, Banter

Our BRS Family has recently grown and we are well overdue for a Breaky Catch up! 

8am BREAKY - inside the Regatta Hotel
Order your breaky, coffee, and come for a catch up and cuddles. 

All current and former BRSers welcome, we would love to see you. 

No need to RSVP, but feel free to click going on the Facebook event.

Coops' Corner

Threshold: The comfortably uncomfortable!

From most of the conversations I have has with BRSers over the years, I honestly believe Threshold (or tempo) runs are the area that is either over-looked, or unknown. I won’t go into the science of it all (as I don’t know it) but threshold is a term that refers to a ‘zone’ of running that is harder than aerobic running (where energy is purely supplied by oxygen) and anaerobic running (when our friend lactic acid starts to build).

The good thing is this ‘limit’ is flexible. The more you train in this zone, the longer you can be in the zone and handle it. Most articles refer to it being a pace somewhere between 10k and half marathon pace. A pace you can hold for only a while. A pace where you PROBABLY don’t talk ;-)
I have a few favourite runs that are a variation of a threshold runs which I will share.

1     Tempo run:
Training for a 10K: Warm up for 1 – 2km. Then run 3km at your 10km pace (or just under). Cool down at easy pace for 1 – 2km. Each week increase the tempo part by half a km till you get up to distance where you can no longer maintain that pace (probably 6k). If training for a half marathon try the same idea, but you will want to stretch out the distance of your tempo effort (at half marathon pace or just under of course). Most research points to 30minutes being the longest length MOST people can run at threshold before the anaerobic system kicks in and you start to fatigue. But if this pace is practised, the time can be pushed out.

2      Kenyan Run:
This is a great morning run! Run out 20 minutes at easy pace. I suggest you don’t even look at your watch or check your pace. At the 20 minute mark (Ok, you have to look at your watch now) turn around and run back hard. The beauty is if you don’t feel great on the way out, or aren’t moving to well, then you are doing yourself a favour as you won’t have as far to get back. If you are feeling good on the way out… well then you are just setting yourself a good challenge!! When you get back to where you started, do a 5 minute easy jog to cool down.

     Michael Shelly session:
We have done this one at BRS before, and it is one of Nick’s favourites. 8 to 10 x 3 minute efforts with 1 minute jog recovery. Is it fartlek? Is it interval work? Technically, it is a threshold session as the change between the pace of the effort and the recovery should not be as drastic as interval work, and the structured element of it means it’s not really fartlek. But the outcome is definitely a good work out.

Next edition we will look at how mere mortals can and include all the elements into a sensible, sustainable running program.

Yours in Blue and White


Free Pilates

What!!! Did you say free???  

" Please join us at Praxis Physiotherapy and Pilates for a FREE Pilates for Runners reformer class. The class will be designed in conjunction with our Physios to address exercises, muscles and biomechanics related to running. We are running two free classes for any runners interested in trying it out. I would then love some feedback as to what you liked, didn't like, etc. It is a great opportunity to try our reformer Pilates, particularly if you haven't ever tried it at all!

The classes will run: Thursday 23rd August at 7am and Monday 27th August at 6:45pm and will go for approximately 45mins.

We are located at 54 Amelia St, Fortitude Valley and have parking on site. Our maximum class capacity is 5 people per class which makes for a great session in terms of allowing correct technique and being able to cater to different abilities. 

If you are interested or would like more information please email: or call 0402 079 270. " 

Happy Running

BRS Coaches

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Saturday Session & The next exciting installment of Coops'Corner

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 11th August

Time6am - 8am

Where: Meet at JC Slaughter Falls Car Park, Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, Mt Coot-Tha

What:  2 hour trail run.  Led by Matt L, following some of the new and improved trails at Mt Coot-Tha.  No-one will be left behind, we will be using the loop back technique.

Followed by Breakfast and a coffee of course.

Cost: $2 (I will bring some refreshments)


Time: 8am - 8:30am

Where:  Where we finish the run

What: 30 mins of Strong Man training with Matt L on the grassed area near the toilets.

Cost: Your soul

Coop's Corner

Last week I explored three different elements to a successful training program. This week let’s have a look at what happens when the road goes up. And why we should go up with it.

Hills: Some runners do gym work. Some runners (me) can’t stand the gym. But strength work is a very important element of a running program. Hills are a runner’s natural gym. The way you use hills varies in the same way interval work does.
There are short and sharp hill reps; designed at building raw power and explosive strength. Great for a 5km training program but less appropriate when you head towards the 21.1 or longer. Longer hill reps, 1 minute or longer are a great way to build leg strength. These can also been done as progressive sets, or pyramids.
If up and down x 10 doesn’t sound like your bag, find a run that has consistent hills in it (trail running anyone?) and tackle it for 30 – 40 minutes. Don’t worry about you’re average pace, that will take a hit on a hilly run. For a rough gauge, the recovery between the hill efforts should be roughly 2 – 3 the time of the hill effort.

Story Time: In our previous lives as triathletes (well runners that tried to swim and ride), Liss and I would often ride with a group friends and teachers from school. One of the guys from school came from a family of cyclists. His dad (65 years young) would often join us on long rides, and put me to shame. When chatting to him on the way back one day I remember him clearly saying (through his strong Finnish accent) “I look for hills.” In his daily cycling he made a deliberate effort to go find any hills on the course. I would usually do the opposite.
When I am out on long runs now, or out in the trails, his words still ring true. So now I look for hills. Knowing that while they hurt, and my average pace won’t look as good on Strava, the long term gains are totally worth it.

See ya next week for my favorite type of training, and probably the most over looked by a lot of us… THRESHOLD!!

Happy Running

BRS Coaches

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Saturday Session, Brisbane Marathon Festival and Coop's Corner

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 4th August

Time6:30am - 8:00am [NOTE later start]

Where: Meet at the steps near South Beach Social (Previously Southbank Surf Club), Southbank

What:  Run, followed by Parkrun, just a long Run, or whatever you like.  Take it easy if you are competing in the Brisbane Marathon Festival on Sunday.

Followed by Breakfast and a coffee of course.

Cost: Free

Brisbane Marathon Festival

This Sunday 5th August is the McDonalds Brisbane Marathon Festival.  We have a strong representation of the Blue and White army competing in everything from the marathon to the kids 2km races.

Marathon and Half Marathon: Those competing in these events can meet from 5:30am inside the big gates of the Botanical Gardens on corner of Alice and Albert St.  Race starts at 6am.

10km: Meet inside the big gates of Botanical gardens on corner of Albert and Alice st at 6am.  Race starts at 6:30am, plus you guys can cheer on the marathon and half marathon if you get there on time.

5km: Starts at 10:30am

2km: Starts at 11:15am

Spectators: I (Matt and the boys) will be standing on the Southbank side of the Goodwill Games Bridge from about 6:30am ish. After the 10kers finish, we will move down closer to 
Epicurus to cheer on 1/2 and fulls.  Look for the cool dude with the well behaved kids. 

Coop's Corner

Welcome to the first edition of Coop's Corner. Matty Cooper, BRS Coach, Run Leader, Running guru and all round top bloke is sharing is words of wisdom and learnings from years of running experience. 

"They say variety is the spice of life. I don't know who ‘they' are, but the concept of doing the same thing too much and getting stuck in a rut is very true. The same theory applies to a good running program. Running, at face value is a simple sport. One foot in front of the other. The more you run, the further you run, the better you get. And while this is true to a certain extent, a time will come where you will hit and inevitable plateau and possibly even see a decline in your performances. If you are running purely for leisure or fitness, then getting out the door 3 times a week is great. Mix up the scenery and you are sweet. 

But if you are after improvement, there are different ways to approach your run that all have a different purpose. We will look at a few each week and look at how they can be worked into a program that can bring back some spice to your running!

1.    1.  Interval work: Interval work (or reps as it can also be referred to) is something that we are all familiar with. This element of training is what the majority of BRS sessions consist of. A series of repetitions with passive or active recovery. The distance or speed of the session depends on where the session sits in relation to events. The purpose is to get to your body used to running at a faster pace and building aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

2.     2.Long Run: Another easy one. Literally, it is supposed to be easy. The goal of a long run is simply time on feet. While it is ok to have an idea of the average pace you want to maintain or a distance goal, it is best to run based on time. If the goal is 2hours, then whether you are having a good day or a shocker, sticking to a time means you are not struggling through to an end distance risking burn out or injury. It also means you can tackle some hilly terrain or some trails without worrying about your 28k taking an hour longer than it would if you just stuck to Southbank!

3.     3. Fartlek: This term translates to speed play. From German I think. But don't quote me! Basically you take a normal run from home; anything from 30min to an hour, and instead of running the same pace the whole way you throw in efforts of varying distance. The beauty of fartlek is that the length of the efforts don't matter. I've read suggestions of using light poles for example. It can be more structured with specific time (such as the famous Mona fartlek) but unlike interval work; you don't stop running. It's just about bursts of intensity. The best fartlek session I did this year I didn't worry about the speed of the hard efforts, but focused on keeping my recovery time at a certain pace. Great way to think about it. If you can train your body to recover at a faster pace... that's gotta mean good things come race day.

That's it in a nutshell this week. Next time, I will explore some other key sessions including the many types of Tempo (or threshold) runs, hill work and the all important recovery runs.

Yours in blue and white"

Happy Running
BRS Coaches 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Saturday Session and Coop's Corner

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 28th July

Where: Meet at Underwood Park, Priestdale.

Time: 6am start or 6:30am start

What: 6am - Meet nick and Clare for a long run in the trails
           6:30am - Meet Matt C and Dan for a shorter run in the trails followed by Underwood parkrun.
           Choice is yours after Parkrun to continue with some more trails.

Cost: free

Followed by breakfast and coffee of course.  Location to be confirmed on the day.

Coop's Corner

Starting next week Matthew Cooper, BRS coach, running guru and all round top bloke, will be dropping bombs of running information.

Stay tuned for the first installment, be ready to have your mind blown!

Happy Running
BRS Coaches

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Saturday Session, Beach to Brother Training Program, some FAQ's

Saturday Sesson

When: Saturday 21st July

Where: Meet at the Rotunda, New Farm Park

Time: 6:30am - 8am (Noth later start)

What: Options. 6:30am go for a long warm up/long run, then New Farm Park Run which leaves from very near the meeting point.

Cost: free

Breaky at the Jan Power Markets afterwards.  Plenty of options.

Dan will be there at 6:30am to co-ordinate.  Please also not there will be no refreshments provided.  But, there are heaps of options in and around the markets.

Beach to Brother Update

With only 11 weeks to go to our next on tour assault, training is heating up.

Our new uniforms are on their way, they look awesome by the way, all accommodation has been finalised and paid for and I hope everyone has either entered the event or has a good idea of what they plan to be competing in.

I have designed a lead up training program for the next 11 weeks to assist everyone in preparing for the event.  You can access this from the link provided to you on the messenger group or just click link below:

I have received a few FAQ's about the program.

1. The program doesn't seem long enough?
I have broken the program up into 3 blocks, Build, Adapt and Taper.  The build phase is only    available at the moment, stay tuned for the next 2 phases.

2. Beach to Brother is a multi terrain event, how will I manage my training referring to distance verses time on feet.
I would recommend  judging your training using distance.  I understand that a training run of similar distance in the trails will take longer, but to keep it simple focus on distance.  We will be including various types of terrain eg. trails and beach during the program which will accommodate the greater time taken to complete.

3.  There is only a Wednesday and a Saturday session included in the training program.  What about other sessions?
Due to our winter model only Wednesday and Saturday are official BRS training sessions.  I would recommend doing at least 1 other running session on your own giving you a total of 3 sessions per week.  Stay in touch on our messenger groups for details of other runs.

4. How far should I be running now to get prepared for the race.
Within the program I have included an approximate guide of expected distances you should be running during your long run.  Please note this is a guide, due to the differing distances in the race and the fact that we will be training on various terrains, distance can vary slightly.

5. How about practice races?
In the program I have included 2 official practice events.  The Brisbane Marathon Festival and Running CEO's.  There are however many events during the 11 weeks that would be great practice events.  Feel free to enter as many as you want.

If anyone has other questions, please let me know.

Happy Running

BRS Coaches.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Saturday Session & Stay tuned for upcoming training program

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 14th July

Time6:30am - 8:00am [NOTE later start]

Where: Meet at the steps near South Beach Social (Previously Southbank Surf Club), Southbank

What:  Too many options to list.  Here are some suggestions: 1.5hr long run, long run with parkrun on the end, just parkrun, etc etc.

Cost: Free

Renae will be there with the boys for a catch up.

Please note as per the new winter model, there will be no refreshments after the session.  There are, however many options for breakfast and a refreshing coffee after.

Training Program

Myself and the coaches are in the process of working up a lead up training program for Beach to Brother event in September.  There will be many alternative Saturday training sessions including trail runs, strength and conditioning and hopefully a beach run or two.

We are currently putting together a list of lead up events too, which we will incorporate home Parkruns into making it interesting.

Pleas stay tuned

Happy Running

BRS Coaches

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Gold Coast Festival + BRS Winter Changes

Saturday Sessions (That is plural)

As Renae and myself will be overseas for the next 3 weekends, let's pre-schedule Saturday Sessions. 

When: Saturday 23rd June
            Saturday 30th June
            Saturday 7th July

Time6:30am - 8:00am [NOTE later start]

Where: Meet at the steps near South Beach Social (Previously Southbank Surf Club), Southbank

What:  Too many options to list.  Here are some suggestions: 1.5hr long run, long run with parkrun on the end, parkrun, etc etc.

Cost: Free

Please note as per the new winter model, there will be no refreshments after the session.  There are, however many options for breakfast and a refreshing coffee after.

Also please note, Saturday 30th June is Gold Coast Marathon weekend, so running partners may be limited.  Please utilise social media correspondence between yourselves to organise.

Gold Coast Marathon Festival

Next weekend Saturday and Sunday 30th and 1st will see a handful of BRSers competing in varying distances at the Gold Coast Marathon Festival.

The BRS Tent will be there as usual, however it will be getting set up early Saturday morning, so expect it to be down in Mitchell Park somewhere, north of Smith Street Motorway intersection.  This location may be further away from the start line, but will give everyone a great view of the runners as they head for home.

After 11 years of Running the GC Marathon festival, we are both guttered we won't be there running and supporting.  

Good luck to everyone sporting the Blue and White of BRS.  And I hope you have a fabulous after party. 

Winter Running Model

As announced at our dinner last week, we are trialing a new training model for the winter months.

Starting week 25th June there will be training on Wednesday evenings and Saturday Mornings only.

Wednesday evenings will be a usual start of 6pm - 7pm, meeting in same spot and The Ship Inn, Southbank.  These sessions will be an "All In" session, meaning we want everyone there as a show of force, community, and for you to share the run with as many BRSers as possible!  Those who turn up in a BRS uniform will only have to pay $5 for training as an incentive instead of $6. New to the squad? Don't have a BRS Uniform yet? shoot us an email to get a uniform happening for you .

Saturday Mornings will be starting from 6:30 am, giving the sun (and ourselves) a little extra time to get out of bed.  We will be using Southbank as a meeting point twice a month, some trail running once a month and a local Parkruns once a month. 

At the end of winter we will re-evaluate and get feedback from our members.

Beach to Brother Assault

Upon Renae and my return from overseas (yes I dropped it again), keep your eye out for  a lead up program preparing you for the Beach to Brother running festival at the end of September.  The trail runs will be aimed at the training.  I have my eye on some fun looking events we can use as lead up events.

Lots to look forward to, none more than my trip (Boom, again)

Happy Running

BRS Coaches