Thursday, October 18, 2018

Saturday Session and Xmas Party.

Saturday Session

As advertised last week we will go ahead with our trail and Park run session.

When: Saturday 20th October

Time6am - 7:30am

Where: Underwood Park, Underwood Road, Priestdale.  Please meet at the start of Underwood                   Parkrun.

What:  6am - 7am: Trail run in Daisy Hill Forest
            7am: Underwood Park Run
            6am - 7:30am: Trail Run only

Cost: Free, no refreshments sorry.  BYO

Breaky to follow.

Party Time!!!

Yes it is that time of the year again.  How quickly it comes around.

Combined birthday and christmas part for BRS.

I know you all saved the date, so there are no excuses.

When:  Saturday 17th November

Time: 3pm - 6pm

Where: Carl's Cellar Door, Cafe and Wine Bar.
            22 Wyandra St, Newstead

What:  Carl's is part of City Winery Brisbane which is a micro-brewery based right here in the city of Brisbane.  Gerler is the brand name of the wine they produce.

It holds a special place in my mine and Renae's heart as it is the love child of my  Brother in Law and Sisters dream for many years.  Finally they have found partners who share their passion and have produced some beautiful wines and a cool, funky space to drink them.  I would like to share this with my other large family, Brisbane Run Squad.

Join us for a special wine tasting from 3pm - 4pm, hosted by Dave (wine maker and my brother in law), followed by some more partying and food until 6pm.

Don't want to taste wine (weirdo's), that's ok.  Arrive at 4pm for the party.

Bring the kids!  There is a space out the back of the bar for the kids to play safely and securely.  We can get a supervisor rotation going.

Cost: $25 pp for the wine tasting 3pm - 4pm.  Includes tasting Gerler wines accompanied               with smaller bites.
         $20 pp 4pm - 6pm includes more substantial bites and a cash bar.
         Combined will cost $45 pp. 

Afterwards we can send the kids home and continue on with the party.

Hope to see you all there.

Please RSVP by 10th November via email or SMS
0447578200 or 0447578205.  Please reply with yes or no to wine tasting.  I will then sent you and invoice.

Happy Running

BRS Coaches

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Saturday Session and Next Saturday Session, and a Save the Date

Saturday's Sessions

When: Saturday 13th October

Time6am - 7:30am

Where: Meet at the steps near South Beach Social (Previously Southbank Surf Club), Southbank

What:  Long Run.
            Long Run then Park Run
            Just Park Run
            Just Breakfast
            The choices are endless.

Cost: $2

And, of course coffee and breaky after.

When: Saturday 20th October

Time6am - 7:30am

Where: Underwood Park, Underwood Road, Priestdale

What:  6am - 7am: Trail run in Daisy Hill Forest
            7am: Underwood Park Run
            6am - 7:30am: Trail Run only

Cost: $2

Breaky to follow.

Save the Date

What for? You may ask........

BRS birthday and Christmas Party.  Of Course!

When: Saturday 17th November, afternoon through to evening.

Where: I've got my eye on a place, don't worry.

What: I've got an awesome plan, don't worry!

All the details will be announced closer to the date when everything has been confirmed.  But, it is looking good.

Happy Running

BRS Coaches

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 22nd September

Where: Meet at Captain Burke Park

Time: 6am - 7:30am

What: If you have been following the Beach to Brother trainin program, 1.5hr long run.
           If not, still a 1.5hr long run.
           From this start loction we can run over the Storey Bridge to get some last hill trining                         in, out to New Farm Park and include a couple of Ivory Lane laps.  This Lane is at a                        12.5% incline, so not quite the 15% we will expect at Beach to Brother, but pretty                               close and good to get an idea of what we are in for.

Matt L will be there at 6am.
Renae will be going for a run at 7:30am if anyone can't get out of bed in time for the 6am.

Cost: $2 for refreshments after
Followed by breakfast and coffee of course.  

Coop's Corner

Riddle me this… Riddle me that…

Intervals, long runs, hills, threshold, fartlek not to mention easy runs or recovery days. How do you fit it all in a week? Answering this question requires double runs (2 runs a day) and weekly mileage that exceeds 100 km a week. Now I have some friends (crazy people) that do this week in week out with ease. But that isn’t most of us. So let’s look at how you can achieve some variety in your running, reap the success, and still have a balance that enables you to live a life without running shoes on!

One approach that has become popular of late is the 80/20 approach to running. This way of running says that 80% of you weekly running should be at sub maximal/aerobic level. This level builds base fitness as well as being a safe zone that is less likely to cause injury. 20% is dedicated to running that is anaerobic #lactic acid! Using this method of training requires you to have a really good understanding of your body, your pace, and your perceived effort. A tempo run (that is aerobic) can quickly turn into anaerobic if you don’t watch it.

Another approach is simple. When you run, you run hard. This approach was successful for a lot of Australian runners in the 60s and 70s. But can lead to burn out and injury!!

An article I read in R4YL magazine a few months ago really hit a cord with me. This coach also uses an 80/20 philosophy when coaching his athletes, but his parameters are not about effort. Instead he says 80% of your training each week should be consistent and predictable #breadandbutter. The other 20% is dedicated to doing something different, some variety so you don’t get bored with the same weekly timetable. This brings me to the answer to the riddle.

I am basing this on a runner who does 4 runs a week. Your long run, interval work and an easy run are your bread and butter. These are done every week. This leaves one run left to rotate around, swapping between threshold runs, fartlek or hill reps and varying it over 3 week cycle. Call these your power balls!!! If you do 5 runs a week, then add in another easy run of a different distance or pick up another of the power balls. IMPORTANT NOTE – If you are in race week then something has to give. Try moving you long run into the week (but maybe not as long as usual) and your race will be your power ball!!

Do up a timetable and have a play around.

Until next time….
Yours in blue and white.

Happy Running
BRS Coaches

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Saturday Session and Info Session

Saturday Session


We have been doing some asking around as to what everyone wants to do this weekend.  I think I have received a different answer from everyone.



When: Saturday 15th September

Time6am - 7:30am

Where: Meet at the steps near South Beach Social (Previously Southbank Surf Club), Southbank

What:  There will be no official coaches or run leaders there.  So, please yourself.  I am sure there will be others there looking for a nice long run with friends.

Cost: Free. 

And, of course coffee and breaky after.


Please use the messenger group on facebook to talk to each other about options.  You may want to do a trail run, or a beach run, or just get together for a coffee.  It's up to you.

Monday Night On Tour Info Session

When: Monday 17th September

Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm run, 
          6:30pm - 7:30pm On tour dinner and info session

Where: The Ship Inn, Southbank

What:  We are getting very close to our On Tour expedition down to Port Macquarie.  We wanted to go over some itineraries, including the road trip, hand out shirts and tie off any loose ends we may have with the accommodation or the race.
Plus, let's get excited!!!!  Dinner, drinks and chats about our upcoming adventure.

We would love to see everyone coming with us to Port Macquarie.  This session and the dinner is also open to any other BRSer who wants to come along and have a run. I must warn you however,  you will be super jealous of our On Tour Trip

P.S.  Don't forget to pre-order  and pay for your dinner before the run.

Happy Running

BRS Coaches

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Saturday Stuff, Counting Down to BRS on tour


As the Running CEOs event is on Saturday afternoon, there will be no morning session.

If you wound still like to run Saturday morning please use the messenger strings to co-ordinate between yourselves.

Running CEO's

Below is an email from Darren.  Lots of great info in there.

Hello Team Planwell !!

With only 2 days to go, we hope that you are getting excited and ready to play an important part in the Running CEOS Fast Run Festival. This event raised $140,000 for charity last year and we are hoping to reach a combined target of $150,000 this year! 

Location & Access

This year’s race precinct is located in the park along Brookbent Road, Pallara (directly opposite the Stockland Pallara sales office).

Race Precinct & Marquees

Team Planwell will be utilising the Virtual Runner marquee, so feel free to drop in and see us before or after the race.  

Please be aware that if you need to leave between 3pm to 8pm, please do not park on Brookbent Road or within the Stockland Pallara estate. You will not be able to leave as the roads will be closed at 3pm sharp & no traffic will be allowed in or out unless there is an emergency.

General parking is available in the Vied Road park with a short 500m walk to the race precinct from 11am.

Entertainment and Cellar Door

River 94.9 will be playing music at race precinct from 11am through to 10pm at night and broadcasting live from 3pm to 6pm.

There will be a pop up cellar door (with picnic blankets etc) where you can purchase wine and beer. 100% of the proceeds from this bar will be donated to charity. The race precinct will also host food vendors.

Race Day Schedule

12:00pm - Parking
- Free public carpark on Vied rd in Pallara Park, follow the signs

1:00pm - Race Precinct & Race Pack Collection
- Race precinct opens with food, refreshments, displays & live music
- Collect your race pack from the race precinct from 1:00pm - 4:45pm

4:00pm - 1km Run / Walk
- Start of the Telstra Family FAST 1km Run / Walk

4:30pm - 5km Run / Walk
- Start of the Sieverts Radiation Protection Consultancy FAST 5km Run / Walk

5:15pm - 10km Run / Walk
- Start of the Athlete's Foot Springfield & Mount Ommaney FAST 10km Run / Walk

5:15pm - Half Marathon
- Start of the Stockland Pallara FAST Half Marathon 21.098km

5:38pm - Sunset
- The stars takeover the sky at 6:08pm

7:45 pm - Event Presentations
- Cheer our final runners across he finish line, together with the start of main presentations

9:00pm - Event Close
- Close of formal post-race celebrations

All Day - Food, Drinks & Entertainment
- Meet your fellow runners from 1:00pm for food, refreshments & entertainment

Team Presentations

Team presentations for Running CEOS will commence at 7:45pm.

We hope that you will be able to stay after your run to support your fellow fundraisers & to attend the award presentations.

There will be professional photographers taking photos throughout the races, so stay tuned for the link to your photos on social media (and via email)

We're really looking forward to you running with us on Saturday afternoon... it's not too late to register your friends & family, so feel free to continue spreading the word!!

If you have any queries, please let me know.

Have a sensational day!

BRS On Tour

The countdown is on.

With only 20 days from today to go until we pack u the cars on our first ever BRS road trip.
I have made a rough plan for the trip down, thanks to those who offered suggestions for stops.  I am still finding it hard to find a spot to meet on the South Side of Brisbane.  Please if you are a southsider can you throw some suggestions my way.

It is the last week of our consolidation week.  Moving into tapering.  There will be 3 weeks of tapering, so a long one, but hopefully this will put the finishing touches on our lead up campaign.

Keep an eye out for the next lead up program hitting your screens next week.

And, keep an eye out for the travel itinerary coming your way with info such as meeting points, road trip details and organised events while we are in Port Macquarie.

Happy Running
BRS Coaches

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Saturday and Sunday session, On Tour Update

Can't say we don't offer options:

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 1st September

Time6am - 8:30am (earlier or later depending on your training schedule)

Where: Meet at JC Slaughter Falls Car Park, Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, Mt Coot-Tha

What:  Trail run in Mt Coot-Tha.  2.5 hours on our feet, distance doesn't matter.  I will try to incorporate some new trails, to keep it interesting, I have my eye on some killer hills.  If 2.5 hours is too long, or if it is too short, there will be options to reduce the time, or increase the time.

Cost: $2, refreshments after (we will need them)

And, of course coffee and breaky after.

Sunday Session

When: Sunday 2nd September

Time6:30am - 8am

Where: Meet at Southport Surf Club, MacArthur Parade, Southport.

What:  Nick and Clare will be taking a beach run along Main Beach.  This will be great practice for any of our "On Tourers" as there is some significant beach running in the Beach to Brother event.

There is parking available on MacArthur Parade out front of the Surf club.

Cost: Free

More breakfast to follow

On Tour Update

With only 4 weeks to go, it's getting really exciting now.

Road Trip options:
Image result for road trip cartoon imageLeaving on Thursday 27th September will be the first BRS on Tour Road trip.  Travelling 542km along the M1/A1 highway and return.  This epic journey will require a few stops.  Considering there will be children (and some small bladders) I was thinking of 3 stops on the way down, breaking it up into 4 legs of the journey.  The first leg being driving from home to the meeting point.

We have already posted in the "On Tour" message string asking for suggested stops, so keep them coming.  

Meeting point: Somewhere in Logan.  Needs to offer coffee and some food.  Please help with suggestions.  I was thinking Logan Hyperdome with a few options available, or McDonalds in Bryants Road, a few cafes near there also.

Meeting time: Early......maybe 7am ish.

I am open to all suggestions so keep them coming on the messenger string.

Happy Runnning

BRS Coaches

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 4th August

Time6am - 7:30am

Where: Meet at the steps near South Beach Social (Previously Southbank Surf Club), Southbank

What:  It's Bridge to Brisbane on Sunday, so why not do a Bridges run.  Keep a theme for the weekend happening.  Why not see how many bridges you can run over. There are plenty in and around Southbank making up a nice loop to cater for all distances.

Cost: Free.  Dan will be there to co-ordinate, please bring own refreshments.

And, of course coffee and breaky after.

Running CEO's

Only 3 weeks to go until Brisbane's newest corporate running challenge, Running CEO's. Let's get the blue and white army out and about.

This is an official BRS event and is included in the lead up program for the Beach to Brother.  There is the option of a 21km, 10km, 5km or 1km, starting at 4:45pm on Saturday 8th September.  Its an afternoon event so you can sleep in on Saturday morning.

Join the team.  When entering join the team Planwell and help Darren Henry raise money to support the charity LIVIN

To enter go to

When: Saturday 8th September (Afternoon)
Where: Stockland's Pallara Community, Brookbent Rd, Pallara
Dates and Times: Saturday 5th September - Race pack collection Day 1 at Westside BMW                                           3:30pm - 7:30pm
                               Saturday 8th September - Racepack collection Day 2 at event 1:00pm -                                             5:00pm
                               Noon  Free parking in Pallara Park, Vied St.
                               First race start time - 4:00pm (1km)
                               4:40pm 10km start.
                               5:15pm Half marathon and 10km start 

Happy Running

BRS Coaches