Thursday, September 7, 2017

Saturday Session & New Uniforms & Save the Date

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 9th September

Where: Meet on the Stairs of the Southbank Surf Club

Time:  6am - 7:30am

Cost: $2

Finally we are on the down hill stretch to Cook Islands.

This weekend if you are following the program is 25km.  However, if you feel this is too much after some very long runs the previous weekends, it would be very accecptable to make it 20km or even 18km depending on how you feel.

Matt L will be running in from home then doing a further 10 -12km starting at 6am.

Other options are to do a fast 5km parkrun after a long run.

Followed by breakfast as always!!

Good luck to all those competing in The GReater Springfield Run For Life this Saturday afternoon!


As I said in a previous blog, we like to make a bit of a hoo haa about presenting the on tour uniforms.

So, why don't we have a dinner, receive our uniforms and have a last pump up about our big trip to the Cook Islands.

We haven't forgotten about our "Splitter On Tour" group.  We will have your on tour uniforms there also.

When: Monday 18th September

Where : The Ship Inn, Southbank

Time: 7pm after our session

Don't forget to order your food before your run so the kitchen can have it ready straight away.  We will have a table booked outside in the beer garden.

Anyone who ordered a regular BRS uniform I will be bringing them for collection this Saturday 9th September after our long run and every other session Matt L can make it to, (next on is Monday 11th September)

BRS Birthday Party

Save the date for the biggest partaay in 2017!

When : Saturday 4th November

Details to follow!

Due to the Cook Island on tour trip and Matt L having a crappy roster during the month of October, our BRS birthday party will be held early November.

Keep an eye out for details as they emerge.  Any suggestions for party location and theme (because we love a good themed party) would be great.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Saturday Session and other

Saturday Session

The long awaited practice session is upon us.

When: Saturday 2 September

When and where: 

Options galore. 

Meet us there for a 5km parkrun at Sandgate, 22km run to Sandgate from Toombul, 27 km to Sandgate + Parkrun, 31km to Sandgate + Parkrun + little extra! 

Check out all the details here on the Facebook event, including times, what to bring, etc 

Cost: Free!! 

If you are not planning to do any of the above, please talk to each other on facebook to organise a run.  


Uniforms have officially arrived!

Apologies for the long wait, but it was a massive drama getting the design approved.

But, we were not going to hand out the uniforms yet, we like to make a bit of a hoo haa about it, so, you wouldn't have got them anyway.

So, really, apologies to the people waiting for the regular uniforms only.