Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Weekend Gone & Upcoming Events

Red Run Results 16 Sunday June
A BIG Congratulations to all the BRS Runners who completed the 5km or 10km Haemophilia Red Run last Sunday. Some outstanding results for a great cause.

Matt C came 1st in the Male 10km, smashing it in 37.44mins! Great stuff and he won an amazing prize pack for his efforts! Well done!
Scott G who has been wanting to get under 50mins for the 10km, blitzed it, coming in at 46.23mins! wowo, great work.
Shelley's goal was under 55mins for the 10km, and she did a PB finishing in 53.26!
Emma P completed her first 10km since the Bridge to Brisbane last year and I quote 'I really enjoyed it!" Watch out B2B this year!
Congratulations to everybody who completed the 10km run!
A very close finish between our star 5km BRS ladies, Lisa and Karen. Karen just pipping Lisa at the post, with both coming in well under the 30mins mark! Well done!
Our youngest BRS member, Sam C smashed the 5km run crossing the line in 25.28mins! Great work Sam.
Congratulations to all our 5km runners !

Gold Coast & QLD (Doomben) Events
Gold Coast:
We have registered a Brisbane Run Squad Team for the Gold Coast Event - which means if you join as a BRS runner you will receive: • A 10% discount on your entry fee - ONLY if we get 20 participants (currently 13).

If you are planning on doing any events at the Gold Coast Marathon Festival, please enter by Tuesday 1 June - to enable us to pay for all members to receive the 10% discount before the Wed cut-off.

Please see Blog dated 19 April for entry instructions.

QLD 1/2 Marathon - Doomben Event
The Doomben event on Sunday 6 June caters for 5km, 10km, and 1/2 marathon runners. A great lead up to the Gold Coast events for those of you planning to do the half or full marathon.
Entry prices differ for the 3 events (21, 10, 5). Enter by 31 May as entries after this incur a late fee of $20.
To enter as a BRS Runner, please search for Brisbane Run Squad and the password is renae. You don't need to enter a division.

Bridge to Brisbane 2010
We are pleased to announce that Brisbane Run Squad will be coaching the community Bridge to Brisbane training sessions (Tues PM, Thurs PM, Sat AM) for the twelve weeks leading up to the event. Our Monday and Wednesday BRS sessions will continue as normal.

With only 13weeks til the event........we are planning on an incentive to get BRSers more committed, fitter, and stronger for Brisbane's premier event. See Blog on Sunday 30 May for more details and keep an eye out for flyers at training.

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

Friday, May 14, 2010

Key Updates

Post Red Run Dinner

To celebrate our first Club Event for the 2010 running season we have booked a table at The Ship Inn for dinner and drinks following Monday nights training session. Even if you don't attend the session or didn't compete in the Red Run on Sunday, please join us anyway.
When: Monday 17th May 2010, 7pm
Where: The Ship Inn Southbank
What: Post race dinner and drinks.

P.S. Don't forget a change of clothes and a jumper as we will be in the beer garden.

Post Race Recovery

Please see the article below written by Vaughen Nicolson from our Sponsor RHP Physiotherapy. (locations - Kelvin Grove & Corinda)

Recovery after Completion
As you head into competition season it is important that you recover well from each race to ensure your training can continue with minimal interuption. The following tips will help to reduce the intensity of any post race soreness and allow you to return to normal training as soon as possible. The following are a general guide only, if you have prolonged (>3-4days) pain or soreness after racing get in touch with your physiotherapist.

1. Adequate Warm-down
Even if you collapse in a heap at the end your race its vital that you pick yourself back up and do a gentle warm down that includes at least 10mins of gentle jogging or walking and plenty of stretching. Get a recovery massage after your warm down if available at the event.

2. Hydration
Fluid lose will vary from person to person and will vary depending on race distance. The following is a guideline for rehydration post race: drink 500ml of water immediately after the race then consume 1L per hour for at least a few hours after that (combination of sports drink and water). The sports drink should have between 4-8grams of carbohydrate per 100ml.

3. Activity the next day
Although you may not feel like it, exercising the day after a race is very important to help remove waste products such as lactic acid and to get the lower limbs mobile again. 30 minutes of low intensity exercise such as swimming/walking and jogging in the water, brisk walking, light jogging or cycling are your best options. Following this exercise ensure you do 10-15mins of light stretching.

4. Compression
If you have 'skins' or similar compression garments wear them all day (even to bed!) for at least 48hours post race. The compression helps to reduce local swelling and can aid in muscle recovery.

5. Contrast Bathing
Contrast bathing is where you alternate between cold and hot baths/showers to aid in the removal of lactic acid and promote blood flow to working muscles. The best method of contrast bathing is still debatable but a safe guideline is:
Cold (10-16 degrees c) shower for 30-60secs followed by hot/warm (35-37 degrees c) shower for 1-2mins. Repeat 3-4times always starting and ending with cold shower.

Thanks Vaughan.

Gold Coast Team Discount CLOSES WED 2 JUNE

Please note that discounted team entries close on Wednesday 2 June. After this date, you will be longer able to join as BRS and claim the discount. Also, we need at least 20runners to receive the discount, we are currently at 13.

If you are planning on doing any events at the Gold Coast Marathon Festival, please enter by Tuesday 1 June - to enable us to pay for all members before the Wed cut-off.

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Time Trial & Red Run this Sunday

Time Trial Results
A big congratulations to everybody who completed the 5km time trial last night.
It was extremely pleasing to see so many personal bests and smiles as you ran over the line.
Nine BRSers participated in the 5km time trial for the first time with great results. 13 regulars achieved personal bests which is an indication that all your hard work is paying off!

PBs go to:
Matt S, Ben Y, Michael K, Steve G, Shelley J, Michael C, Sally, Sam M, Anita, Deanne, Michelle W, Emma P, Katrina.
Special mention to Michael Cusack who smashed his personal best by 3mins & 30secs! Well Done.

Red Run this Sunday 16 May
Our first club event for the running season, is the Haemophilia Foundation Queensland's Red Run 5km and 10km event. Places are still available if you haven't yet registered:
For those of you who ticked the box to collect your race packs on Saturday, don't forget to pick them up from In Training at Milton between 10am-2pm

Race Details:
Date: Sunday 16 May, 2010
When: Race start 7:30am (Rego for those who don't pick up race packs Saturday- 6am)
Where: Meet at New Farm Park near the Rotunda (keep an eye out for the BRS blues!)
What: a 5km or 10km 'flat' run - a great way to start the season!

Our sponsor, RHP's Vaughan Nicolson has put together a 'Recovery After Competition Blog'
Keep your eye on our blog as I will post it at the end of the week!
All the Tips and Tricks to a speedy post race recovery!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Up Coming Events & Achievements

Member Achievements
Darrell Giles our star marathon runner, competed in the Canberra Road Running Festival last weekend completing the 42km event in style!
Darrell finished 8th in his category, crossing the line in 3 hours and 31minutes. An outstanding effort and a testament to all his hard work and training! Great work Darrell

Up Coming Events and Deadlines
Please see the calendar for a full list of upcoming running and club events and associated websites.
As a club, we are aiming and training for 1 event per month, commencing this month.

16/05/2010 BRS Club Event : Red Run Classic 5k/10km
Pre-event registrations close Thursday 13 May 4.30pm EST. Registrations after this date and on the day of the event will incur a $5 late fee - If the event isn’t a sell out. Please remember if you nominated to pick your race pack up in advance, it will be available at In Training between 10am and 2pm on Saturday 15 May.

6/06/2010 BRS Club Event : Qld Half Marathon 10k/5k
Entry prices differ for the 3 events (21, 10, 5). Entries after the 1st June 2010 incur a late fee. We will again be entering a team, so stay tuned for details

3/7/2010 BRS Club Event : Gold Coast 5km, 10km, 21km, 42km Marathon Festival
Early bird rates are available until 2nd June and entries after that will be more expensive. Prices are based on the event you choose. Remember to see the blog from April 19 for BRS entry details to obtain your 10% discount.

1/8/2010 BRS Club Event : Brisbane Marathon Festival 10k/21k/42k (Kids 1k - 3k)
20% discount for BRS Members only, details on early bird and fees are yet to be released

29/8/2010 BRS Club Event : BRIDGE TO BRISBANE 5K/10K
Entries open early June, details on early bird and fees are yet to be released

Happy Running
Renae & Matt