Thursday, November 26, 2015

Saturday Session and its baby time!!

Saturday Run

WOW only 6 Saturday Runs left until our BRS On Tour to Tassie and for those venturing to Maui!

For those gearing up for the marathon, here is a snap shot of the suggested lead up for the next few weeks.
A big one this weekend, followed by a rest weekend to get ready for the 30km Gold Karrawa event on Sunday 13th December.

We have a run about planned for the following week, then starting to taper towards the event! How exciting!!!

So details for this Saturday include Marathoners & half marathoners starting a little earlier to beat the heat and get the kms in!

When: Saturday 28th November

Where: Steps of Southbank Surf Club

Parking: park under Southbank closest to the middle exit near Max Brenners
NOTE: $2 parking starts at 5am - 9am


Option 1: 4:30am Marathoners 
4:30am: for a 3 hour or 34-36km run (*remember don't park in the carpark as you will get charged heaps for being in before 5am!)

- ideal for marathoners and Gold Coast 50 participants
- no coach

Option 2: 5:30am: half marathoners, long runners 

5:30am: for a 1:45-2hour run 
- ideal for half marathoners, Gold Coast 50 participants, and anyone keen for a longish run!

- no coach

Option 3: 6am long run or 7am Parkrun
Coaches available at 6am

FINISH: all to finish at the Beach in front of the Southbank surf club for a well deserved swim at 7:30am

Breaky and chats to follow!

It's nearly baby time!!

Our awesome coaches and dream team Matt, Liss, and Tilly are gearing up for the soon arrival of a new addition to the Cooper family!!

So lets help them celebrate with a little Baby Shower with their BRS Family. 

When: Saturday 5th December 2015

Time: It's a short run week so 7:45am straight after training!

Where: the Regatta Hotel, Street Cafe (booked the Ottoman area)

What: Breaky and a good catch up before things get crazy!! 

Drop me an email ( or text 0447 578 200 if you can make it. If you forget, no biggy, I have booked for 20! 

Happy Running
Renae & Matt 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wrap Ups, Saturday Session & Good luck!

Wrap ups!

Well in the craziness that was last week, we didn't get a chance to do the blog. So here is a wrap of the birthday party and Tour de Tambourine!

BRS 6th Birthday Party

On Saturday 7th November we celebrated our 6th birthday! Thanks to all who attended the party, it was a great night and good to catch up.....whilst not running and huffing and puffing!!

Everybody put in a top effort in the dress up stakes, but our winner for the night was Lisa P with her Day of the Dead face paint and costume. Congrats Lisa and enjoy your free RechargeHQ Massage!

Our three awards this year were especially hard to decide!! Lucky we now have 4 coaches to help with the decision!

Most Consistent 
Our new electronic sign-in sorted this for us.....

A well deserved and 2nd time winner, Andrew M!! Andrew just bumped Bridget out with only 9 sessions more over the year! Well done Andrew 

Most Improved!
So so hard, as everybody who has been coming consistently have shown dramatic improvements.

Honorable mentions were Sharon and Michelle Mc, but the winner is.....

Bridget!! Such a deserved winner, stepping up her kms, consistently coming to training and improving her times and techniques!! Well done champion!


Runners Runner
Thank-you to everybody who voted for their runners runner this year, much appreciated! You voted for the person that inspires you and keeps you training. 

This years votes go to Jan G!!!! Your come back from injury, dedication, and inspiring journey to the Queenstown Marathon have made an impression on your squad members!

Congrats Jan 

A great night and BIG thanks to the staff at Plum Tucker for fantastic night of food, service, and fun! 

Mount Tambourine - Tour de Tambourine!

WOW, what a fantastic weekend! We didn't let the severe downpour on Saturday dampen our spirits!!

We had 4 BRSers participate in the Trail runs this year, and all put in a fantastic effort!
Congrats to Matt L, Jeremy, Dan, and Bridget!

Special mention to Dan who came first in the 8km!! awesome!

Road Race
Several more BRSers met us up the Mount for the Sunday Road Racers.

Nick M had a cracker of a run, winning the half marathon! He even gave the lead cyclist a run for this money! He couldn't believe how fast Nick was!!

Well done to all our road competitors, Dan, Andrew, Will, Sharon, Shirley, and Bridget, great runs!!

Saturday Session

With the heat well and truly out for Saturday we will be hitting Southbank so we can take a well earned DIP after our run!

When: Saturday 21st November 

Where: Steps of Southbank Surf Club

Parking: park under Southbank closest to the middle exit near Max Brenners
NOTE: $2 parking starts at 5am - 9am


Option 1: 5am: for a 2.45 hour or 36km run  (maybe 5:05 to give you time to get from the carpark!)
- ideal for marathoners and Gold Coast 50 participants
- no coach
- suggest you do 12-13km and loop back to grab some friends at 6am. 

Option 2: 6am: for a 1.5 hour run
- ideal for half marathoners, Gold Coast 50 participants, and anyone keen for a longish run!
- Matt will meet you

Don't feel like a 1.5 hour run........come along and meet us for breaky!!! 

Meet you on the BEACH outside Southbank Surf Club latest 7:45am

Bring your togs / towel for a swim

Breaky & coffee!!

GOOD LUCK to our Girls on Tour

Jan, Michelle Mc, Sally and Jess are hitting NZ to participate in the Queenstown Marathon.

GOOD LUCK LADIES!! we can't wait to hear all about it!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Saturday Session + Reminders!

Saturday Session *note change location*

The website had Mt Cootha as the plan for this Saturday, however we are changing it based on the possibility of showers (injury prevention!). 

So new details for Saturday:

When: Saturday 7th November

Where: Meet in the Regatta Hotel Carpark (Sylvan Road, Toowong)

Time: 6am - 7:30am

Cadbury/Maui Marathoners & Half marathoners- 15km rest week before Tour de Tamborine next weekend
Other goals!! whatever your current goals are!! run/walk, short or long run, come along and join us!

Cost: $2

Breaky:  Regatta Hotel afterwards 


1. Runners Runner - VOTE NOW!

Every year we get your vote to reward and recognise a member of BRS who has:inspired you, encouraged you, made you want to keep running and keep achieving!! Who is your pick for 2015? the prize will be presented this Saturday night at our Fiesta!!
Please complete the nomination form, it will take 2 minutes and is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS.
We will have it on the Ipad at training on Saturday for any last minute entries!

Thanks to those who have already voted!

2. Fiesta - Saturday night 6:30pm

Thanks to everybody who has RSVPed to come along on Saturday night!

DRINKS: Beer, Wine and Spirits can be purchased on the night OR
BYO your own wine for $5 per bottle (corkage) on arrival. 

Dress as bright and Mexican as you can!! 
3. #brisbanerunsquad  October Winner!

Well hopefully you all know by now......a great way to score yourself a free massage with our partners RechargeHQ is to post a photo and tag it as #brisbanerunsquad  (no gaps please!). 
The photo/post with the most likes, receives the complimentary massage!!

Our September winner announced on Facebook was Michelle Mac. 

Our October entrant will be announced very very soon....

SO get tagging!!!!!!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt