Tuesday, March 29, 2016

News, Events, & More

Firstly, big thanks to Nick for our Easter Monday run!! 

Warwick BRS On Tour

FORMS ARE DUE NOW for BRS On Tour to Warwick. get your on tour form filled out to ensure you get an on tour hoodie or polo! 1st April is the deadline. See our information sheet with sizes and link to the form. We have 11 Runners so far so it's on track to be a great on tour (as always!!). 

FYI: Polo Shirts children's sizes are below. For children and Ladies ordering BRS Polos the children's size chart is not in the info sheet. this might be more appropriate sizing!

BRS Hoodies:

Since releasing a picture of our BRS Hoodie for Warwick on Tour, there has been some interest in purchasing from those not coming on tour. At this stage the hoodie will have on tour information on the back, however, if our On Tour Buddies love them, we will certainly look at getting a design without the on tour for others in the squad. Stay Tuned!!  Also remember they come in kids sizes too! 

BRS Events & What's On! 

Remember, our theme this year is Community, and the events we have chosen as BRS fit into this mantra perfectly. 

If you haven't visited the What's On page lately, duck in, check out the events and pop them in your diary!  

This doesn't mean these are the only events we are doing, and of course there are 100s more out there that I will continue to share on Facebook for those interested. At the moment, we have scheduled 1 or 2 a month (including Brisbane Road Runners) in preparation for Warwick & Gold Coast. 

We participated in the Sri Chinmoy Shaw Park Easter Run Community Run last Sunday. What a really enjoyable event! I look forward to doing more of these smaller events and connecting with others in the running community. 

Our next key event is Brisbane's Great South Run on 10th April 2016. Get your entry in now and choose Brisbane Run Squad as your affiliation! 

Gold Coast Marathon Team discounts & entries close Friday 22nd April 

Team entries for Gold Coast Marathon are closing a month earlier this year. So to get your 10% off and be part of a team, please ensure you enter and transfer money by Friday 22nd April to be eligible. Details are below and on our What's On page.

Thanks to those who have already transferred their money! 

Gold Coast Post Celebration?

This year we will do something similar to last year, but in a different location. We will have a post celebration party with drinks, debriefs and yummy pizza at a new venue. So please plan to stay a while on Sunday and if you are staying at the coast Sunday night....even better!

Details to come. 

Saturday Session

This Saturday we will run from the Story Bridge Captain Burke Park. You have the option of heading towards West End, Portside, or Toowong! 

When: Saturday 1st April 

Time: 6am-7:30am

Where: Meet at the entrance to Captain Burke Park, Story Bridge

What: Long run of your choice!  I will be doing 10km followed by 20mins of strength & conditioning if anybody wants to join me for that!

Otherwise, run the distance based on your current goals and schedule. If you are leading up for the Great South East half marathon on 10th April, you would want to make your run 15-18km this Saturday. 

Coffee & Breaky to follow at Puk!

Happy Running, See you all soon!

Renae & Matt 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saturday Session + Gold Coast Entries + Staying Strong

Saturday Session + Twilight Sunday 

A weekend of running.........here we come!!

This weekend is the annual UQ Twilight Running Festival. In previous years we have made this a key event in the calendar. The last few years of the festival have proved to be a logistical nightmare with traffic, storms, and children. Therefore, this year, BRS Coaches and the tent will not be making an appearance.

However, please don't let that distract you from a great opportunity to run the course, hit your 5, 10, or 21 km goals! I know many BRSers will be there, so look out for the Blue and White army and BEST OF LUCK!! We can't wait to find out how you all went via facebook, text, and training, so please let us know we would love to hear from you.

I know many of you are planning to do a Saturday session before Twilight in preparation for Warwick Pentath-Run.

This week's session will run from Captain Burke Park, the Story Bridge.

When: Saturday 19th March
Where: meet at the entrance of Captain Burke Park
Time: 6am
What: 1-2 hours long run, depending on your goals. I will be finishing with 30 mins strength work in the park if anybody would like to join me!

Cost: $2 payable to coaches on arrival

Followed by breaky and coffee at PUK Cafe.

See you all there

Team Gold Coast Entries - 1 month to go!

Team entries for Gold Coast Marathon are closing a month earlier this year. So to get your 10% off and be part of a team, please ensure you enter and transfer money by Friday 22nd April to be eligible. Details are below and on our What's On page.

Staying Strong

I am sure most of you know by now, no matter how good of a runner you are, we need to keep our body strong to keep running (injury free!) for decades to come!

Recently, I have been doing our BRS Strength Programs from 2015 which are still available on our website! How about adding 1 or 2 of these to your weekend routine!

You can find them on our What's On page under 2014-2015 programs.

I am currently trialing the new Runner's World Yoga for Runners DVDs.

I will get back to you next edition and on Facebook with my verdict and recommendations!
In general, Yoga is a FANTASTIC edition to your regular fitness routine!

See you all soon

Renae & Matt

Thursday, March 10, 2016

BRS On Tour Info Sheet & Form + this Weekend!

Find out more about our Wednesday Michael Shelley Session

This week we did one of Michael Shelley's favourite sessions. We all got through 8 2/3 reps, which was fantastic! The 1000s got through 10!

A fantastic session to do with a group for a little competition or by yourself to help with motivation. The small 3 minute goals are fantastic to give you regular goals with active recovery.

Reference: http://irun.org.au/News/michael-shelley-3min-reps-1

Michael Shelley, 3min reps

Michael Shelley may have burst to prominence in winning the Commonwealth Games marathon in Glasgow, but he’s been at the forefront of athletics in Australia for a long time. As a 20-year-old he ran 3:39.90 for 1500m and he made his first world cross country senior team in 2004. By 2008 he’d moved up in distance running 28:08.96 at Melbourne’s Zatopek meeting, and the following year he won the City to Surf in a slick 41.02. Since then road races have been more his go.
He placed 16th at the London Olympic marathon and is looking forward to running the London Marathon on the 26th of April.

Michael’s session

8 to 10 by 3-minute reps with 1min recovery. After each 3min rep, he does a slow jog recovery for a minute before returning where he came from. The main part of the session takes 35-40 minutes to complete. Obviously it is preceded by a warm-up and warm down.
The background
Michael usually does the session on Tuesday night at Coombabah nature reserve on the Gold Coast. The session was devised for Michael by coach Dick Telford and the section Michael chooses is relatively flat on a fairly even dirt trail. 

Michael says:

“It’s similar to a kilometre on the track, but it’s different scenery and I’m not running around in circles. I used to do a fair bit on the track, but now I enjoy running on trails. I try and get back to the same spot each time, which is challenging in itself, especially given you only have one-minute recovery between each one.  The distance doesn’t really matter, as long as I am getting to the same point each time. It’s a good race-pace training session. It is also a really good session to help build fitness."

Michael’s suggestion for other runners

I wouldn’t recommend doing it during the week leading into a marathon. By then you should be in taper mode. It is a session that anyone can do, but if you are moderately fit, then I suggest you work your way into it by doing 4-5 of the reps and then gradually increasing it to 8? 
Nailed it BRS!!!!
Saturday Session
As posted on Facebook during the week, this Saturday is 'Earn your Icecream Sandwich' Session. 

Join us this Saturday for
My Plate Clean Treats is setting up a Pop Up icecream shop at Newstead!
So let's take advantage and join us for some hard work, fun, and deliciousness!
When: This Saturday 12th March
Where: New Farm Park Rotunda
6am - 1 hour run
7am - 1 hour strength
8:15am - Jan Power, New Farm Markets
10am - Pop Up Icecream Shop, 1 Ella Street Newstead!
Can't join us for all 4 events??? Pop along whenever you can to say hi!
Bring your friends, family, kids!! 
We hope to see you there.

BRS On Tour - Warwick Information Sheet & Form

To recap, we have set our sights on May 2016, heading to Warwick for a mini BRS On Tour. 
5 events....2 days......42.2km! Yes the Warwick Pentath-run     http://pentathrun.com/
When: Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May 2016
Where: Warwick, QLD (2 hr south-west of Brisbane)
Race 1: 21km (Sat)
Race 2: cross country 4.6 (Sat)
Race 3: 5km (Sat)
Race 4: 10km assent (Sun)
Race 5: 1500m (Sun)

You can enter 1, 2, or as many as you like!

A BRS Information Sheet is now available for you to complete. We would like you to complete the BRS On Tour Form specify if are are keen to join us for dinners/celebrations, and what your uniform preference is! Please fill it in as before 1st April for uniform orders! 

Prep Session Sunday!
As per the BRS Calendar, this Sunday is the start of double sessions in preparation for BRS On Tour - Warwick Pentath-Run. 
Brisbane Road Runners (Community)
Great opportunity for a Saturday BRS and Sunday Road Runners session in preparation for Warwick Pentath-Run.

It's only $5 for members & $10 for non-members.

Options: 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k & 25k

Check out their website for more details  http://brisbaneroadrunners.org/wp/ 

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Saturday Session, GC Entry & other news!

Everything Night new shoes old shoes new friends old friends!

Thanks again to everybody who came along last Wednesday to our first social event of the year. It was great to see some old and new faces joining the run and dinner!  I look forward to our next one!

Good Luck Sam! 

I love bootcamp sessions, so I will always schedule one at any opportunity, and what a fitting way to say goodbye and good luck to one of our longest standing members Sam as he goes off to join the army. We wish you well!!

Also, welcome back Pete C and James! Good to see you joining us again!

Saturday Session

The forecast is predicting 22-30 degrees on Saturday with 65-70% humidity! Sounds like a post run swim at Southbank might still be worth while!!  Bring a towel and change of clothes to dip in after training!

When: Saturday 5th Marck 

Where: Steps of Southbank Surf Club

Parking: park under Southbank closest to the middle exit near Max Brenners
NOTE: $2 parking starts at 5am - 9am (10am if you bring your Parkrun token/barcard)

Time: 6-7:30am, you could do a parkrun at 7am if you are keen! Only keen for 5km, do parkrun then join us at lagoon or for breaky afterwards. 

At this time of the year, Saturday sessions are all about socialising and reaping the rewards of a good casual run with friends. You don't need to run the whole 1.5hours, run to your goals, abilities, and how you are feeling!! 

Cost: $2


Planning your 6 months of running, don't forget to check out our calendar for the events we will be focusing on !! 

I haven't added it as a key BRS event, but the Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Run on 17th April is looking to be a good event, 1km through to 21km! A good lead up for those doing GC Marathon! 

I have created a team and if 6 members join, you will receive a 10% discount. Just search for BRS and Join the group! 

Warwick here we come! don't forget to book your accommodation and entry soon!

Gold Coast Details 2-3rd July! 
These are available on the What's On page. 

Happy Running!

Renae & Matt