Tuesday, March 29, 2016

News, Events, & More

Firstly, big thanks to Nick for our Easter Monday run!! 

Warwick BRS On Tour

FORMS ARE DUE NOW for BRS On Tour to Warwick. get your on tour form filled out to ensure you get an on tour hoodie or polo! 1st April is the deadline. See our information sheet with sizes and link to the form. We have 11 Runners so far so it's on track to be a great on tour (as always!!). 

FYI: Polo Shirts children's sizes are below. For children and Ladies ordering BRS Polos the children's size chart is not in the info sheet. this might be more appropriate sizing!

BRS Hoodies:

Since releasing a picture of our BRS Hoodie for Warwick on Tour, there has been some interest in purchasing from those not coming on tour. At this stage the hoodie will have on tour information on the back, however, if our On Tour Buddies love them, we will certainly look at getting a design without the on tour for others in the squad. Stay Tuned!!  Also remember they come in kids sizes too! 

BRS Events & What's On! 

Remember, our theme this year is Community, and the events we have chosen as BRS fit into this mantra perfectly. 

If you haven't visited the What's On page lately, duck in, check out the events and pop them in your diary!  

This doesn't mean these are the only events we are doing, and of course there are 100s more out there that I will continue to share on Facebook for those interested. At the moment, we have scheduled 1 or 2 a month (including Brisbane Road Runners) in preparation for Warwick & Gold Coast. 

We participated in the Sri Chinmoy Shaw Park Easter Run Community Run last Sunday. What a really enjoyable event! I look forward to doing more of these smaller events and connecting with others in the running community. 

Our next key event is Brisbane's Great South Run on 10th April 2016. Get your entry in now and choose Brisbane Run Squad as your affiliation! 

Gold Coast Marathon Team discounts & entries close Friday 22nd April 

Team entries for Gold Coast Marathon are closing a month earlier this year. So to get your 10% off and be part of a team, please ensure you enter and transfer money by Friday 22nd April to be eligible. Details are below and on our What's On page.

Thanks to those who have already transferred their money! 

Gold Coast Post Celebration?

This year we will do something similar to last year, but in a different location. We will have a post celebration party with drinks, debriefs and yummy pizza at a new venue. So please plan to stay a while on Sunday and if you are staying at the coast Sunday night....even better!

Details to come. 

Saturday Session

This Saturday we will run from the Story Bridge Captain Burke Park. You have the option of heading towards West End, Portside, or Toowong! 

When: Saturday 1st April 

Time: 6am-7:30am

Where: Meet at the entrance to Captain Burke Park, Story Bridge

What: Long run of your choice!  I will be doing 10km followed by 20mins of strength & conditioning if anybody wants to join me for that!

Otherwise, run the distance based on your current goals and schedule. If you are leading up for the Great South East half marathon on 10th April, you would want to make your run 15-18km this Saturday. 

Coffee & Breaky to follow at Puk!

Happy Running, See you all soon!

Renae & Matt 

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