Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up and other!

Weekend at Byron Bay
Bryon Bay definitely put on the weather for our first BRS group event. Minimal wind, 20 degrees, with the sun shining.
Twelve BRS Runner headed to NSW to run the Bryon Bay Lighthouse 10km Run. The first 10km run for many since the Bridge to Brisbane (B2B) - this event definitely stepped it up a gear. Up and down the hill to the lighthouse and a 2km run on the beach. All runners should be extremely happy with their results, with some great times being recorded.
Claire and Sam improved there times by several minutes from their B2B time and Shelley, Matt, Michael K, Kylie, Michael, Luke, Steve, and Alexandra all clocked in under an hour. After an early early 3:30am drive from Brisbane, Col had a great race and finished strong! Another 10km race down. WELL DONE BRS!

Cool Night Classic:
Thanks to those that have already registered under the BRS Team. If you haven't joined, please feel free to join the team (team name: brisbane run squad - password: brs). The 1st early bird finished last Friday, so it is now $25 until 06th November, then it goes up to $35. FYI: If you enter under BRS, it won't allow you to pay. I simply go in and accept your entries in bulk, pay the race fees and then you can fix me up at the next session.

Uniforms have arrived!!!
We will bring them to training this week, with payment details and receipts. They look GREAT!

Happy Running

Renae & Matt

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Races & Weekly update

Byron Lighthouse Race Day and Prep

*****Daylight savings has started. The race is due to start at 7am - remember this is 6am QLD time - when you arrive on Saturday, don't forget to turn your watches back 1 hr. ******

Info for Race Prep
The temp forecast for Sunday is 20-28 degrees. Between now and Saturday evening, ensure you keep yourselves well hydrated. I would suggest doing another run before Sunday. A 30-40min run on Friday with 5 x 30sec efforts with 1min rest in between. Stretch well on Saturday.

Info for Race Day
On the morning of the run please arrive at Denning Park, Bay Street on the Lighthouse Side of the Surf Club, Byron Bay, between 6 and 6.30. There is ample parking. You need to give yourself time to collect your tag and bib before the start of the run/walk. There will be a registrants table where you will be given your bib which you will put onto yourself with safety pins which will be provided. You will also get a timing tag which you will put onto your shoes. At 6.45 runners will gather at the start line where there will be a very short welcome prior to the run commencing. Walkers are to waitaway from the start line. Runners will commence first at 7am, followed by walkers at about 7.10.

If you are interested in a BRS dinner Saturday night and/or brunch Sunday, please let me know as I will book somewhere.

Also Matt and I will be contactable on our mobiles all weekend, please give us a call if you have any questions. Matt 0447 578 205 Renae 0447 578 200

This Week
2 great sessions this week, well done to everybody who came along - some solid endurance speed runs and a great cadence session.

See some of you this weekend, others see you Monday.

Happy running,

Renae & Matt

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cool Night Classic - Team Registration

Further to the the blog on Sunday, the Cool Night Classic 5.2km run is coming up on Thursday 12th November.

I have registered a team. Here are the details if you would like to run as a BRS member.

Team Name: Brisbane Run Squad
Team Password: brs

Please choose your events wisely.
We are doing the Bryon Lighthouse 10km Run as a 'club' event on 25th October, 2009.
We would like to make this 5.2km run another club event, as it is central, a shorter distance, and well organised.
There are 2 more events on the weekend after the Cool Night Classic, the Skirt Chaser on Saturday 14th November and Mousdash on Sunday 15th November. Of course you are welcome to do either of these, however BRS training will not be tailored for these events, especially the Mousdash Cootha run. I am happy to help you out with advice if you are planning to do Moustash.

Happy Training
Renae & Matt

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Uniforms -Have a look

BRS Singlet Top
$50.00 (Members)
$55.00 (Non-Members)

BRS T-Shirt

We finally have the proofs of the new BRS uniforms. Hope everyone likes them.
Both the singlet and the t-shirt have our custom BRS Logo and are made from Champion Systems exclusive Tech Fabric incorporation microfibre and polyester wicking material. They are designed for cool, warm and hot/humid conditions while offering superior comfort. They also look really cool!
We are taking orders now and want to get an order sent off asap so anyone who is competing soon can be wearing the BRS colours. There are also hats, but, I dont have a proof and dont know the price, sorry.
Size Chart:
Mens Tops
Chest(Inches) 38 40 42 44 46 48 51
Womens Tops
Chest(Inches) 30 32 34 36-38 40 42
I will bring a print out of the proofs to training tonight and hopefully will be able to take some orders.
See ya soon

Upcoming 5km Brissy races

There are a few great shorter events coming up. Here are the details:

5.2km PricewaterhouseCoopers Cool Night Classic
Thursday 12th November, 2009
5:30pm Run Start
We can enter as a team for the event, so let me know if you are interested in joining the BRS team by emailing

5km Skirt Chaser
Saturday 14th November, 2009
5pm Run Start
Botanical Gardens (there are some details still to be finalised)
This looks like an interesting race and the first time done in Australia. Females start first, following by males 3minutes later, then an afterparty.

Remember these 2 events are only 2 days apart, so choose wisely.
I would treat the PWC run as a competitive event to test out your running fitness, and the skirt chaser as just a little bit of fun and something different!

Thanks to Matt Shepherd for letting us know about these events.

See you soon, Happy Running

Renae & Matt

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1st BRS Time Trial

Great to see so many new faces on Monday night and even better seeing you back on Wednesday. Monday saw our first BRS time trial, with some fantastic results. The results have been uploaded onto the BRS website. Special mention to Claire Lynch who has taken over 4 minutes of her 5km PB, well done! Steve Galvin also had a great night, clocking under 25mins for the 5km. We all have a benchmark now, so we look forward to seeing improvements over the next few months.

It looks like we have over 10 members keen to join us at Byron Bay for the lighthouse run - only 17 days to go. Don't forget to put your entry in.

Some of you have been asking what you should do on your 3rd run for the week - due to the intensity of our sessions on Monday and Wednesday nights, I would recommend a slow aerobic run on the Friday or the weekend of 40-50mins and plenty of stretching.

Happy running!