Thursday, September 26, 2013

Saturday Session - lets hit off road!!

Last week we combined a cycle + trail run, or a road + trail run....

What a session, what a hit!!

So whats up for this Saturday?

Saturday Session

We are heading to Enoggera Reservoir for a Trail run!!!
This week will be 2 hours of running on trails. As with last week, we will ensure the group stays together by looping back at every intersection! Everyone is challenged, everyone has fun!!

Where: Meet at the Brisbane Forest Information Centre Carpark, Off Mt Nebo Road
Map reference  - approx 11km from CBD
Look for this sign!

We will be doing the Enoggera Reservoir Circuit....for a bit of a description, see

What: a 11km circuit on varying terrain! We will start a second loop out and back depending on how we are going for time!
Time: Meet at 6am
Cost: $2!

Happy running

Renae & Matt

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Saturday - what do you feel like doing + Nick's Top Tips

Saturday Session

Well, there is something for everybody this Saturday. here goes:

When: Saturday 21st September

Location: Slaughter Falls Car Park - Sir Samuel Griffith Dr near intersection of Birdwood Terrace - Mt Cootha

What and Time:
Meet at 6am:  Cycle + Trail Run = 1 hour road cycle with Matt + 1 hour Trail run with the rest of the crew!
Meet at 6am: Road run + Trail Run = 1 hour Road run with Renae + 1 hour Trial run with the rest of the crew!
Meet at 6am Road run 1 hr
Meet at 7am Trial run 1 hr

Cost: $2

Nicks Top Tips

One of our favourite BRSers has kindly offered his tips to staying injury free and recovering from tough runs!!

I personally have been doing the constructive rest pose!! it is gold!! 

An article about the Psoas and its importance. The article mentions constructive rest.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good Luck Halfers + Saturday Session

GOOD LUCK to our BRSers participating in the inaugural Sunshine Coast 1/2 Ironman this weekend!

Big congratulations to our BRSer Pete and Natascha who had their wedding last Sunday and have left for a fabulous European Honeymoon! 

Saturday Session

This week we head to Active Stride, West End!
Active Stride one of our sponsors has a shop at Westend. As a BRS member, you are entitled to 10% discount! So if you need running supplies, join us on Saturday!

When:  Saturday 14th September 
Where: 15 Musgrave Street West End  (plenty of parking that time of the morning!) 
Time: 6am-8am
What:  this week, we will continue with our run + strength & conditioning session so
1.20min run, + 30min strength & conditioning + stretching OR
a 2 hour run! 
Cost:  $2 

Followed by Coffee/breaky!

Active Stride will be open at 9am! so join us for a run and breaky then drop in for your supplies!
See you all soon!

Fast Track Spring Series
We have 2 teams in the Fast Track Series this Spring. 
It is a great series, 4 x 7km scenic runs, over 8 weeks, on Wednesdays!  You can run anytime between 6:30am & 2pm! It is timed so you can see progress over the 8 weeks. 

Our teams are:
Matt C, Andy D, Ben G, Nick M, Renae
Will, Jan, Steve G, Karen, Adam

Both teams had a smashing start!! well done! 

Happy running 

Renae & Matt 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

We just turned 4! Whats Up Next & Saturday Session


Matt and I sometimes have thought about what life was like before BRS.....but now how much fuller it is with BRS in our lives!  I can't imagine going a week or month without seeing the smiling faces, hearing the goss about the streets, and helping people to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Not only do we get to see people grow fitter and healthier through running, but we get to see our members become more confident in themselves, make fantastic life time friends and generally have more fulfilling healthier lives from being part of the BRS family!

As always we will celebrate another year of BRS in suitable style! We are again combining the Xmas and Birthday party so stay tuned for more details.

Thanks BRS members for making BRS so awesome and a happy place to run!!   Thanks to Kathy for her lovely facebook message and reminder!!

A big thanks to Matt and Liss for helping us out this year with coaching, rallying the troops and generally being awesome!!

and of course to our awesome sponsors who have been there for us since the beginning! Mizuno, Active Stride, and the Ship inn! We couldn't be as big and bold without you!

Our Next BRS Goal.......Tour de Tamborine

Well it is that time of year...

  • Gold Coasts is over....Tough Mudder has been smashed....BRS on Tour has come and gone
    :-(......and generally individual goals have been conquered...
  • This is the time of year people start to lose their way or become unmotivated to keep running and keep healthy!
  • So we have a new goal to get you right up to the silly season. 

Our next BRS focus event is the Tour de Tamborine. That means the next 12 weeks, we will focus our training on getting BRS ready for this event! One of the huge benefits of the Tour de Tamborine – Mountain Sports Festival is the variety of options of events and distances to choose from. It is in its 11th year and there is something for everybody!!

You can choose to Trail run, Road Run, and/or Cycle! the options are a plenty (even winery visits!!).
Check out our Factsheet for more information and enter now

Date/CostDatesName & Password
Tour de Tamborine
30th November - 01st DecemberBrisbane Run Squad

BRS 123

Saturday Sessions

Over the next 3 months we will be mixing up the train and format of our Saturday sessions.
We will be offering 1 hr ride/1 hr run sessions for our runners participating in the Noosa Triathlon (and any one else who wants to cycle!)
We will be offering Trail Sessions to help us get ready for Tour de Tamorine
We will be offering 30min Strength and Conditioning sessions after  a long run!

So keep an eye on Facebook and the blog to see whats happening each Saturday. As we get tired towards the end of the year, we need variety to keep us keen!

This a Run + Strength and Conditioning or Run + Park Run or Just RUN!!

When: 7th September
Where: Meet New Farm Park Rotunda
What:  options:
6am - 7:20am - long run + 30mins Strength & Conditioning with Matt L
6am-8am - long run
6am-6:50am - warm up run - 7am New Farm Park Run

* no markets this weekend - so maybe to Vue for coffee/breaky!!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt