Thursday, September 19, 2013

Saturday - what do you feel like doing + Nick's Top Tips

Saturday Session

Well, there is something for everybody this Saturday. here goes:

When: Saturday 21st September

Location: Slaughter Falls Car Park - Sir Samuel Griffith Dr near intersection of Birdwood Terrace - Mt Cootha

What and Time:
Meet at 6am:  Cycle + Trail Run = 1 hour road cycle with Matt + 1 hour Trail run with the rest of the crew!
Meet at 6am: Road run + Trail Run = 1 hour Road run with Renae + 1 hour Trial run with the rest of the crew!
Meet at 6am Road run 1 hr
Meet at 7am Trial run 1 hr

Cost: $2

Nicks Top Tips

One of our favourite BRSers has kindly offered his tips to staying injury free and recovering from tough runs!!

I personally have been doing the constructive rest pose!! it is gold!! 

An article about the Psoas and its importance. The article mentions constructive rest.

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