Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good Luck Halfers + Saturday Session

GOOD LUCK to our BRSers participating in the inaugural Sunshine Coast 1/2 Ironman this weekend!

Big congratulations to our BRSer Pete and Natascha who had their wedding last Sunday and have left for a fabulous European Honeymoon! 

Saturday Session

This week we head to Active Stride, West End!
Active Stride one of our sponsors has a shop at Westend. As a BRS member, you are entitled to 10% discount! So if you need running supplies, join us on Saturday!

When:  Saturday 14th September 
Where: 15 Musgrave Street West End  (plenty of parking that time of the morning!) 
Time: 6am-8am
What:  this week, we will continue with our run + strength & conditioning session so
1.20min run, + 30min strength & conditioning + stretching OR
a 2 hour run! 
Cost:  $2 

Followed by Coffee/breaky!

Active Stride will be open at 9am! so join us for a run and breaky then drop in for your supplies!
See you all soon!

Fast Track Spring Series
We have 2 teams in the Fast Track Series this Spring. 
It is a great series, 4 x 7km scenic runs, over 8 weeks, on Wednesdays!  You can run anytime between 6:30am & 2pm! It is timed so you can see progress over the 8 weeks. 

Our teams are:
Matt C, Andy D, Ben G, Nick M, Renae
Will, Jan, Steve G, Karen, Adam

Both teams had a smashing start!! well done! 

Happy running 

Renae & Matt 

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