Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wrap Up, Saturday and more!!

Weekend Wrap up

Saturday Parkrun
Good to see some BRSers out for a casual Parkrun last Saturday before Twilight on Sunday.

AND - our beginners were out in force for their first 5km RUN!!! all finished with big smiles! the first of many, well done to all! 
Sunday Twilight

Well last Sunday didn't really go according to anyone's plan!!
With a traffic jam on Coronation Drive, hot steamy still weather, followed by a crazy windy storm, not exactly perfect racing conditions.

Nevertheless, a few BRSers got to finish, a few mentions:  a sub 40min finish for Matty W in the 10km, a 11min PB by Darlene in the 10km and a 1.25hr 1/2 marathon by Andy Douglas, along with Darrel they were the very few that actually got to finish the whole half marathon.

Congratulations to all who participated and 'weathered the storm'!!!

Monday Dinner

Thanks to all our BRSers who attended dinner on Monday night! A great time to celebrate birthdays and Twilight reflection!!!

This Saturday's Session
Yes we will still be running on Easter Saturday!!! had too many chocolate eggs and hot cross buns already, a perfect way to run it off!!

When:   Saturday 30th March
Time:    6am-7:30am
Where: Meet on the grass opposite Fifth Element wine bar
What: the Parkrun challenge!!!!! how many times can you complete the 5km Parkrun loop in 1.5 hours??
challenge accepted!
Cost: $2!

Gold Coast Marathon Festival

This is one of BRS's highlights of the year!
Guess what.............. it is only 14 weeks away and that means only 40 BRS sessions until the big race!
Haven't got a plan, better get one now!!

We hope to see you at training soon ready to work towards your Gold Coast goal!
Book your accommodation NOW if you haven't already.
Enter now, see our What's on page for entry details:

BRS on Tour

Its not too late to register for BRS on Tour!!  See details here

Happy EASTER!!

Renae & Matt

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gold Coast Entries, Twilight, Saturday session

Gold Coast Marathon - Team Entries OPEN!!!

Join Brisbane Run Squad and reap the benefits!!
10% discount…..and be part of an awesome team!!

Instructions: See BRS entry guide here
Note, you will not receive a confirmation of entry until 22nd May when the team is paid for
Dates: 6-7th July
Costs: which includes 10% discount
Marathon $108
Half Marathon $76.5
10km $49.50
5.7km $36.00
4km & 2km $22.50

Please deposit into BRS account by 20th May to receive your discount:
BSB: 814282
Account: 31099466
If you haven’t deposited your money by 20th May, unfortunately your team entry will be deleted and you will not receive a discount.

see for all details!

Twilight Running Festival this Sunday 24th March

We have 38 BRSers participating this weekend!! Top effort

Don't forget to pick up your pack from In Training on Saturday or arrive early Sunday to collect them.
details are on their website.

We will have the blue tent on the 100m straight! that will be our meeting point...see you there!!!

Saturday Session

With Twilight on Sunday, it is an easy 5km run on Saturday morning to get those legs ready.

We will do Parkrun, not as a race, but for the experience of running with hundreds of people ready for Sunday.

When: Saturday 23rd March
Where: The Green, next to Streets Beach - Southbank
What: 5km easy Parkrun + breaky & coffee!
Time:  meet at 6:50am for a 7am start!
Cost: $2 for refreshments

For those who want to meet and run earlier, simply turn up at 6am at Fifth Element, Southbank and see if any
fellow runners are keen!!

It is also the first Saturday group run for our Beginner Program!! Come along and cheer them on!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

Thursday, March 14, 2013

BRS On Tour, Saturday Session, Beginners Squad

BRS On Tour - Phuket!!

If you want to take advantage of Early Bird Run packages and cheap flights.....I would book very soon!! Early bird for the Run finishes on 22nd March and remember accommocation at the marathon hotel is selling quickly!

We are booked, paid, and hanging out for Thailand!!

All the details and booking information here

Saturday Session
Well, this Saturday is our last Saturday session leaving from Active Stride Southbank, as they are soon to be Active Stride, Westend!  A new location, new store, and loads of convienent, free parking!!  check out their website for details.

Our third Parkrun this week, then a week's break, then back to it for a Parkrun circuit challenge on 30th March!!

When:  Saturday 15th March
Time:   6am - 7:30am
Where: Meet at Active Stride, Southbank (next to 5th Element Wine Bar)
What:   60min run + Parkrun 5km check out their website and register for free before Saturday. Those who have, don't forget your token.
Cost:   $2 for refreshments.

Beginners Squad

I am so happy to announce that as from Monday, we have ten members to join the BRS family, and at the end of their 10 week Beginner Program, our beginners will have 10 more friends!!!

Our program starts nice and early 5:45am Monday morning 18th March until our goal session on May 26th!!

I am looking forward to coaching, inspiring, and ensuring our 10 week beginners program is fun and enjoyable!

happy running

Renae & Matt

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Few Reminders!!!

Reminder, this Saturday 9th March - it is BRS day at Parkrun!!

Parkrun is a fabulous organisation which runs a 5km free run every Saturday all around the world!! We have several locations in Brisbane now and every event is run by volunteers. Their philosophy is simple, to get more people running!!

09th March: BRS DAY!!!!  
We will be man/womaning the course with BRS volunteers and lets get as many BRS runners there as possible! I am hoping you can stay around afterwards to help out with any questions Parkrunners might have about how awesome BRS is to join!!!

We are also providing pace runners!! what a great idea to get our Parkrunners motivated. 

We need a 
20mins - anyone keen to pace 20mins? (Coops offered but he plans to run faster!!) 
22.5 mins - Steve A
25 mins - Will
27.5mins & 30mins - Liss is going to do I need another to cover off 27.5 or 30mins!!!
let me know via email or on Saturday. 

+ we have 10 volunteers on the course!! GO BRS!!

please register at  prior to the event, remember its FREE!!

So Saturday Session this week:

When:  Saturday 09th March
Time: 6am-7:30am
Where:  Meet at Active Stride for a 50min run, finishing at the Green ready for a 7am Park Run start!!!
Cost: $2 - I will remember to actually get the drinks etc out of the car this week!!!

Reminder, Twilight Running Festival 

Remember, only 16 sleeps until Twilight....haven't entered yet, hurry up!!! 


BIG GOOD LUCK to BRSer Lisa F who is on her way to Japan to compete in the Kyoto Marathon this Sunday. Her first go Lisa!!!

Happy Running

Renae & Matt