Thursday, March 7, 2013

Few Reminders!!!

Reminder, this Saturday 9th March - it is BRS day at Parkrun!!

Parkrun is a fabulous organisation which runs a 5km free run every Saturday all around the world!! We have several locations in Brisbane now and every event is run by volunteers. Their philosophy is simple, to get more people running!!

09th March: BRS DAY!!!!  
We will be man/womaning the course with BRS volunteers and lets get as many BRS runners there as possible! I am hoping you can stay around afterwards to help out with any questions Parkrunners might have about how awesome BRS is to join!!!

We are also providing pace runners!! what a great idea to get our Parkrunners motivated. 

We need a 
20mins - anyone keen to pace 20mins? (Coops offered but he plans to run faster!!) 
22.5 mins - Steve A
25 mins - Will
27.5mins & 30mins - Liss is going to do I need another to cover off 27.5 or 30mins!!!
let me know via email or on Saturday. 

+ we have 10 volunteers on the course!! GO BRS!!

please register at  prior to the event, remember its FREE!!

So Saturday Session this week:

When:  Saturday 09th March
Time: 6am-7:30am
Where:  Meet at Active Stride for a 50min run, finishing at the Green ready for a 7am Park Run start!!!
Cost: $2 - I will remember to actually get the drinks etc out of the car this week!!!

Reminder, Twilight Running Festival 

Remember, only 16 sleeps until Twilight....haven't entered yet, hurry up!!! 


BIG GOOD LUCK to BRSer Lisa F who is on her way to Japan to compete in the Kyoto Marathon this Sunday. Her first go Lisa!!!

Happy Running

Renae & Matt 

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