Thursday, February 28, 2013

Park Run + MORE!!!

BRS Hosts Park Run for the Month of March!!

Park Run is a fabulous organisation which runs a 5km free run every Saturday all around the world!! We have several locations in Brisbane now and every event is run by volunteers. Their philosophy is simple, to get more people running!!

We have proudly been asked to host Southbank Park Run for the month of March, jointly with Active Stride. This means each week, BRS will instruct the warm up and get as many BRSers there as possible!!

BRS at Park Run
02 March: BRS Saturday Run will include Park Run - with our volunteers doing a reccy of the course

09th March: BRS DAY!!!!  We will be man/womaning the course with BRS volunteers and lets get as many BRS runners there as possible! I am hoping you can stay around afterwards to help out with any questions Park Runners might have about how awesome BRS is to join!!!

16th March: BRS instructs Warm up & Saturday run will include Park Run

23rd March: BRS instructs Warm up (twilight next day!)

30th March: BRS Saturday Run will be the Park Run Challenge - how many 5km laps can you do in 1.5 hours!!!!

please register at  prior to the event, remember its FREE!!!

Lets get into the spirit of Park Run...bring friends, family, the pram!!!!

Saturday Run

This week we will start at Active Stride Southbank for our endurance run. We will do 25mins out and back - finishing at the start of Park Run at Riverside Green (next to Streets Beach) to finish with a 5km! 

When: Saturday 02nd March
Where: Meet at Active Stride or Riverside Green - Southbank
Time:  Active Stride 6am for a 50min warm up run, 6:50am at Riverside Green for 5km Park Run
What: 50min endurance run + 5km Park Run where you can push it or simply enjoy the atmosphere!
Cost: $2 for refreshments

24th March: Twilight Get in Now!!

We are coming equal 3rd on the leaderboard for the biggest Team at the Twilight Festival!!
Haven't entered yet, get in now!!!


Remember its an afternoon run with a 1km Kids Bolt, 3km, 10km, 21km run!

Beginners Course

We have 10 people signed up for the Beginners Course starting mid March!.
Spread the word to friends, family or sign up yourself!! I am really pumped about this, the more people BRS can inspire, coach and educate to run....the happier it makes us and it more runners to socialise with! 

Pass on our information sheet link!! 

Get in now!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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