Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Saturday Sessions + Upcoming Events

Saturday Sessions

Our focus in the running 'off-season' has been on getting you strong physically and mentally before our onslaught on events, racing, and running fun during autumn and winter!

So we have been doing 2 running strength and conditioning sessions a month and providing you with an on-line program to complete twice a week each month. These programs are available on our website.

As the running season creeps up on us, we will be changing our Saturday formats a little as below:

Once a Month - Strength and Conditioning 
We will be continuing to provide our program service as we believe it is critical for you to stay strong to continue to enjoy and improve your running. So once a month, we will conduct our 1.5 hour running & strength and conditioning session where we will issue the new month program, take you through the technique and post it on line after the session for you to complete during the month.

Once a Month - Trail Run
It is important for us all to change the terrain we run on, enjoy the gorgeous bushland we have access to in Brisbane, and to generally get back to nature. So we will continue with a 1.5-2hr trail run a month. Remember Trail running isn't about distance, its about time on your legs!!

Twice a Month - Long Run 
This is a chance for you to do your longer road runs. These runs will increase leading up to major events like Gold Coast to give you the time and friends to help reach your goals. These will start at 6-7:30 and rev up !

This Saturday
This is our second and last Strength and conditioning session for March. I hope you have been doing it regularly through the month.....remember its the leg, arm and core smasher!!

However the format will be a little different:
50mins of Strength and Conditioning (with running efforts) followed by 5km Parkrun!!

This will really push you mentally and physically and should be a good challenge to see how far you have come in 2015!

When: Saturday 28 March

Where: New Farm Park Rotunda

Time: 6am-7:30am

What:  50mins of Strength and Conditioning (with running efforts) followed by 5km Parkrun!!
I encourage you to register with Parkrun its free!

Markets are on again! So bring a blanket and some money for a well deserved post session breaky!

Wrap UP

Well done to our BRSers who participated in Twilight last weekend! A wash out, but a fun experience due to the awesome BRSers that were there!!!

Thanks to those who helped out with the tent, gear, and kids! Well done to everybody who didn't take it too seriously and valued their and others safety more than the glory.

BIG thanks to Amy for the themed cupcakes, Karen for the famous chocolate brownies, and my mum and dad for their on-going support for BRS!!

What's Coming

There are a few events coming up! Check out the BRS Calendar

Sunday 19th April - Tour of Duty 12km 

Our next official Club event is The Anzac Day Run which has now been rebranded the Tour of Duty Run . Enter now! Please note I have not created a Team as it needs to be a team of 10 and paid all at once, so please enter as individuals.

Saturday 23-Sunday 24 Warwick Pentathlon 

This is a fantastic event and I know Matt and Liss have done it before and it sounds like fun!
There is so much variety to choose from, or choose all events and complete 42km over the two days!!!

Get in quick and book your accommodation for a fun weekend of running and socialising! 

As you will see there are plenty other events on the calendar to keep you motivated and on track for your running goals!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

Thursday, March 19, 2015

2016 On Tour Info Released, This weekend

Last Wednesday night! 

What a great turnout Wednesday night to celebrate our runners' birthdays from January, February, and March! BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY . It was so lovely to sit and chat and catch up with everybody! 

We also released the details of the BRS On Tour for 2016 - Hawaii here we come!
The details are now posted on our What's On Page.

If you have any general On Tour related questions, please email us on or for travel related questions, please email our travel partner 

There are so many distances to choose from, 42km, 21km, 15km, 10km, 5km!  

The events we have chosen on the BRS calendar from July onwards are aimed at preparing you for a marathon or half marathon in Maui. We are here to ensure you are confident and comfortable with your lead up effort and we will help guide your training appropriately for your chosen distance. 

EMAIL your booking interest by 20th April, 2015 to:
Karen Peake
phone: 1300 728 296 / 02 4385 2455

The deposit will be $550 per person at time of booking with the balance due 10th October 2015.

PLEASE NOTE: Individual differences in flight times, accommodation, car hire etc can be catered for. Please contact Karen to discuss.

This Weekend  21st & 22nd March

Saturday 21st March - PLEASE NOTE, there is no session due to Twilight on Sunday afternoon and most Saturday regulars are participating. I would recommend a short 15-25 minute run if you are participating on Sunday to flush out the legs ready for race day!

Sunday 22nd March - Twilight Running Festival

Again this year we have a big team participating in various events at the Twilight Running Festival.

Some of you are seasoned Twilighters! others, this is your first year!

We will have the BRS tent in the usual spot, inside the track as you come towards the finish line! We will be there supporting you and cheering you on for a final sprint!

Official Race Briefing Information is available here 

Some key times to take note of:

Start Times: 

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Information Evening, Saturday Session, Our Inspiring Members

BRS On Tour 2016 + Birthday Dinner

Don't forget our dinner this Wednesday night to:

1. Provide you with BRS On Tour details for the Maui Oceanfront Marathon Festival including an itinerary and approximate pricing.
Remember, this festival has soooooo many event options, you don't have to run the marathon! Jump onto their website and check it out!

2. Celebrate the Birthdays of our BRSers (with cake!) for January, February, and March!

3. Just an excuse to get together for a chat, drink, and yummy dinner!!

You don't have to be a member to pop along to this evening, we look forward to seeing you all there.

When: Wednesday 18th March

Time: 7pm after training - approx 8:30pm

Cost: order  and pay for your own dinner and drinks on the night

RSVP: I have booked a table for 30, but if you are on facebook, please join the event so I can keep an eye on numbers!

Saturday Session - New Farm Park for S&C

This Saturday is your chance to come along for a great running and strength workout and to be guided through the next monthly program!

I know I have been doing program 2 for 4 weeks now, increasing my weights during the month. So I am keen for program 3 to keep me going and getting stronger. 

Remember in these sessions we are up to about 10km of running (or run/walking for those easing into it), so come along and get some nice hard efforts in. 

Keen for a longrun, come along and meet us at 6am and see if there is another keen to join you! 

NOTE: change of venue!!! 

When: Saturday 14th March
Time: 6am-7:30am
Where: New Farm Park - meet at the rotunda
Cost: Great value only $2 for members, $4 non-members. 

Bring your appropriate weights as guided below. 

Also, Jan Power Markets are on, so bring a blanket, some money and we will hit the markets after training for breaky and coffee!!!!

S&C Program Recap:

The plan is to have 2 S&C Saturday Sessions per month. However, this is not nearly enough of this type of training to be effective. So, to gain the most benefit we would encourage runners to attend our session and then conduct their own sessions during the week using the guide posted on Facebook after the session.

Come along and learn how to perform each exercise correctly, plus get a great running workout that will not only improve your overall fitness and strength but will improve your running as well.

Weight will be used for these sessions, so, as we don't own 20 sets of weights, can you please bring your own set of dumbbells. If you are unsure of the amount of weight to bring here is a simple test:

You will want 40% of your max single rep bicep curl. To do this do a standing bicep curl using a weight heavy enough to only perform 1 rep. You will want 40% of this weight. Eg: I lift 30kg so I will be using a set of 12kg weights. Renae lifts 12kg, so she will be using a set of 4kg weights. If you are still unsure, use what you use during pump.classes. You can also use elastic therabands if you have them. You only need one set of weights for all exercises (e.g. 2 x ?kg dumbbells). As you get stronger, you will need to increase your weights, so if possible buy a set or dumbbells where you can add weights! 

We welcome members and non-members, runners and walkers or those recovering from running injuries. We are happy to adapt exercises where required. 

Our Inspiring Members

I hope you are enjoying reading our runner's inspirational stories as much as I am!

BIG thanks to Michelle and Michael for sharing their stories so far. Missed their stories? You can read them here. I hope you both enjoy your well deserved free 1 hour massage from RechargeHQ.

We will continue with our monthly guest bloggers, so have you got a story about how running has changed your life?  Please email me .  A free massage for our April story is available!!

Only 1 more week until Twilight Running Festival!!

I hope you are feeling on track for your goals. Register and Join our team here:

1. Go to and select Twilight Run 2015 on the left-hand side
2. Click Join an existing Team and type in Brisbane Run Squad
3. Select Brisbane Run Squad to join this Team
4. Choose from the options available for Twilight Run 2015
5. Continue with the registration process until payment has been completed.

We will have the tent for you to come and meet and greet other BRS Runners, leave your gear and cheer on your team mates!!  

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Saturday Sessions, be inspirational & our sponsor has moved!

Our fabulous sponsor, Shoes Feet Gear has moved up the road from their previous location at Paddington. They are now located at 108 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Qld 4064  .

Drop in say hi! Remember they are open until 6pm during the week and 9am-5pm on Saturdays. BRS Members who show there card, receive 10% off all shop purchases! 

Shoes Feet Gear is an exciting Brisbane podiatry practice that provides best practice podiatry solutions for all fitness levels by combining the world’s best footwear, podiatry services and training gear under the one roof. Our Brisbane Podiatrists are experienced in all aspects of podiatry and make use of leading edge technology to ensure you receive the highest level of service. 

MARCH Inspire Us

Michael K inspired us in February by his story of how running has changed his life. Reading his story you can imagine potentially where he would be physically and mentally today if he hadn't taken the running plunge to reap the rewards of physical health, friendships, and amazing experiences!! Michael is the only BRSer that has joined us on ALL BRS on Tours (Cook Islands, Sydney, Phuket, and Airlie Beach) and has expressed interest for Hawaii!  Thanks so much Michael you are a legend!

So......would you like to be our March guest blogger?  You too can inspire like Michael did and also win a free one hour massage with RechargeHQ !

Think about 
- your life before running, how you got into running, what kept you running, any new views on running/exercise
·         How did running positively impact your life
·         How BRS help to get you, keep you, motivate you to run (hopefully we did!!)
·         If you could offer one piece of inspiration/advice - like a one liner to people out there to motivate them to start, continue, come back to running what would it be? 

We would love to hear from you! Email to be our March inspiration. 

Saturday Sessions

This Saturday was pegged as a Trail Running Day.....HOWEVER we have options for you!!!

OPTION 1:  AM: Twilight 10km/Half Marthon Reccy

I know many of you are doing the Twilight Run and some for the first time! Every year we do the course a few weeks out as a refresher and as a reccy for those new to the event. So join us:

When: Saturday 7th March 

: 6am-7:30am

: Meet in the Athletics Track Carpark (opposite the track!)

: $2

Followed by Breaky and Coffee!!

OPTION 2:  PM: 8km Cross Country Event 1- Mitchelton

To cater for our Trail run this week and to ensure we continue to train on different types of terrain, BRS will be present at the Queensland Running Cross Country event this Saturday.  

So lets try something a little different and support a not-for profit running organisation! 

QUEENSLAND RUNNING IS A TRULY UNIQUE community-based not-for-profit CROSS COUNTRY CONCEPT that offers low cost opportunities for serious athletes and activity seekers of all ages to participate regularly in a friendly, supportive and safe off-road environment!
Participation in Queensland Running is UNRESTRICTED. Anyone wishing to be involved, either in cross country competition or as an assistant in our daily operation may do so. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.
The secret of Queensland Running's success lies in its simplicity. The condensed format of its regular winter competitions, covers distances from 500 metres to 8000 metres in which runners of all ages can compete side-by-side at their own pace over distances of their choosing. The cross country season commences on the first Saturday in March and runs to the last Saturday in July. 

When: Saturday 7th March

ENTRY & Warm UP: Meet at 2pm to enter (or grab your number if you enter on-line which is recommended) and warm up. 
RACE START:  8000km 2:40pm  however, they have various distances. Check out the program page for all events and start times. 

Where: Teralba Park, Mitchelton. The start/finish line is located in the Pullen Road / Teralba Street corner of the park. Teralba Park has several covered picnic areas with rotundas, electric barbecues, a toilet block and children's play area.

What: A well-grassed and relatively flat, fast course featuring an uphill section during the first 150 metres, followed by a 250 metre descent to the flat section which comprises half the 2000 metre main perimeter course. 500, 800, 1000 and 1500 metre distance loops are inner loops.
Competitors in 1500 metre and longer distances have to negotiate another steady climb and a short steep descent. The 2000 metre course has a continuous unsheltered 1200 metre stretch. Meetings are usually run in an anti-clockwise direction.
There are several vantage points which allow coaches and spectators to follow the progress of races without hampering the runners.

Entry:  They recommend you email your entry before Saturday to help speed up the process as per this page. See their entry page for more details.

P.S. if you are planning on doing more, I would recommend joining as a Season Member ($12), then your weekly entry fee is less & the process each week is speedier. Check out the page for more info. 

We hope to see many of you there! and remember there are smaller distances if the kids or non-running friends are interested!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt