Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Saturday Sessions + Upcoming Events

Saturday Sessions

Our focus in the running 'off-season' has been on getting you strong physically and mentally before our onslaught on events, racing, and running fun during autumn and winter!

So we have been doing 2 running strength and conditioning sessions a month and providing you with an on-line program to complete twice a week each month. These programs are available on our website.

As the running season creeps up on us, we will be changing our Saturday formats a little as below:

Once a Month - Strength and Conditioning 
We will be continuing to provide our program service as we believe it is critical for you to stay strong to continue to enjoy and improve your running. So once a month, we will conduct our 1.5 hour running & strength and conditioning session where we will issue the new month program, take you through the technique and post it on line after the session for you to complete during the month.

Once a Month - Trail Run
It is important for us all to change the terrain we run on, enjoy the gorgeous bushland we have access to in Brisbane, and to generally get back to nature. So we will continue with a 1.5-2hr trail run a month. Remember Trail running isn't about distance, its about time on your legs!!

Twice a Month - Long Run 
This is a chance for you to do your longer road runs. These runs will increase leading up to major events like Gold Coast to give you the time and friends to help reach your goals. These will start at 6-7:30 and rev up !

This Saturday
This is our second and last Strength and conditioning session for March. I hope you have been doing it regularly through the month.....remember its the leg, arm and core smasher!!

However the format will be a little different:
50mins of Strength and Conditioning (with running efforts) followed by 5km Parkrun!!

This will really push you mentally and physically and should be a good challenge to see how far you have come in 2015!

When: Saturday 28 March

Where: New Farm Park Rotunda

Time: 6am-7:30am

What:  50mins of Strength and Conditioning (with running efforts) followed by 5km Parkrun!!
I encourage you to register with Parkrun its free!

Markets are on again! So bring a blanket and some money for a well deserved post session breaky!

Wrap UP

Well done to our BRSers who participated in Twilight last weekend! A wash out, but a fun experience due to the awesome BRSers that were there!!!

Thanks to those who helped out with the tent, gear, and kids! Well done to everybody who didn't take it too seriously and valued their and others safety more than the glory.

BIG thanks to Amy for the themed cupcakes, Karen for the famous chocolate brownies, and my mum and dad for their on-going support for BRS!!

What's Coming

There are a few events coming up! Check out the BRS Calendar

Sunday 19th April - Tour of Duty 12km 

Our next official Club event is The Anzac Day Run which has now been rebranded the Tour of Duty Run . Enter now! Please note I have not created a Team as it needs to be a team of 10 and paid all at once, so please enter as individuals.

Saturday 23-Sunday 24 Warwick Pentathlon 

This is a fantastic event and I know Matt and Liss have done it before and it sounds like fun!
There is so much variety to choose from, or choose all events and complete 42km over the two days!!!

Get in quick and book your accommodation for a fun weekend of running and socialising! 

As you will see there are plenty other events on the calendar to keep you motivated and on track for your running goals!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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