Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Races & Weekly update

Byron Lighthouse Race Day and Prep

*****Daylight savings has started. The race is due to start at 7am - remember this is 6am QLD time - when you arrive on Saturday, don't forget to turn your watches back 1 hr. ******

Info for Race Prep
The temp forecast for Sunday is 20-28 degrees. Between now and Saturday evening, ensure you keep yourselves well hydrated. I would suggest doing another run before Sunday. A 30-40min run on Friday with 5 x 30sec efforts with 1min rest in between. Stretch well on Saturday.

Info for Race Day
On the morning of the run please arrive at Denning Park, Bay Street on the Lighthouse Side of the Surf Club, Byron Bay, between 6 and 6.30. There is ample parking. You need to give yourself time to collect your tag and bib before the start of the run/walk. There will be a registrants table where you will be given your bib which you will put onto yourself with safety pins which will be provided. You will also get a timing tag which you will put onto your shoes. At 6.45 runners will gather at the start line where there will be a very short welcome prior to the run commencing. Walkers are to waitaway from the start line. Runners will commence first at 7am, followed by walkers at about 7.10.

If you are interested in a BRS dinner Saturday night and/or brunch Sunday, please let me know as I will book somewhere.

Also Matt and I will be contactable on our mobiles all weekend, please give us a call if you have any questions. Matt 0447 578 205 Renae 0447 578 200

This Week
2 great sessions this week, well done to everybody who came along - some solid endurance speed runs and a great cadence session.

See some of you this weekend, others see you Monday.

Happy running,

Renae & Matt

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