Sunday, October 11, 2009

Upcoming 5km Brissy races

There are a few great shorter events coming up. Here are the details:

5.2km PricewaterhouseCoopers Cool Night Classic
Thursday 12th November, 2009
5:30pm Run Start
We can enter as a team for the event, so let me know if you are interested in joining the BRS team by emailing

5km Skirt Chaser
Saturday 14th November, 2009
5pm Run Start
Botanical Gardens (there are some details still to be finalised)
This looks like an interesting race and the first time done in Australia. Females start first, following by males 3minutes later, then an afterparty.

Remember these 2 events are only 2 days apart, so choose wisely.
I would treat the PWC run as a competitive event to test out your running fitness, and the skirt chaser as just a little bit of fun and something different!

Thanks to Matt Shepherd for letting us know about these events.

See you soon, Happy Running

Renae & Matt

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