Thursday, November 26, 2015

Saturday Session and its baby time!!

Saturday Run

WOW only 6 Saturday Runs left until our BRS On Tour to Tassie and for those venturing to Maui!

For those gearing up for the marathon, here is a snap shot of the suggested lead up for the next few weeks.
A big one this weekend, followed by a rest weekend to get ready for the 30km Gold Karrawa event on Sunday 13th December.

We have a run about planned for the following week, then starting to taper towards the event! How exciting!!!

So details for this Saturday include Marathoners & half marathoners starting a little earlier to beat the heat and get the kms in!

When: Saturday 28th November

Where: Steps of Southbank Surf Club

Parking: park under Southbank closest to the middle exit near Max Brenners
NOTE: $2 parking starts at 5am - 9am


Option 1: 4:30am Marathoners 
4:30am: for a 3 hour or 34-36km run (*remember don't park in the carpark as you will get charged heaps for being in before 5am!)

- ideal for marathoners and Gold Coast 50 participants
- no coach

Option 2: 5:30am: half marathoners, long runners 

5:30am: for a 1:45-2hour run 
- ideal for half marathoners, Gold Coast 50 participants, and anyone keen for a longish run!

- no coach

Option 3: 6am long run or 7am Parkrun
Coaches available at 6am

FINISH: all to finish at the Beach in front of the Southbank surf club for a well deserved swim at 7:30am

Breaky and chats to follow!

It's nearly baby time!!

Our awesome coaches and dream team Matt, Liss, and Tilly are gearing up for the soon arrival of a new addition to the Cooper family!!

So lets help them celebrate with a little Baby Shower with their BRS Family. 

When: Saturday 5th December 2015

Time: It's a short run week so 7:45am straight after training!

Where: the Regatta Hotel, Street Cafe (booked the Ottoman area)

What: Breaky and a good catch up before things get crazy!! 

Drop me an email ( or text 0447 578 200 if you can make it. If you forget, no biggy, I have booked for 20! 

Happy Running
Renae & Matt 

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