Friday, September 1, 2017

Saturday Session and other

Saturday Session

The long awaited practice session is upon us.

When: Saturday 2 September

When and where: 

Options galore. 

Meet us there for a 5km parkrun at Sandgate, 22km run to Sandgate from Toombul, 27 km to Sandgate + Parkrun, 31km to Sandgate + Parkrun + little extra! 

Check out all the details here on the Facebook event, including times, what to bring, etc 

Cost: Free!! 

If you are not planning to do any of the above, please talk to each other on facebook to organise a run.  


Uniforms have officially arrived!

Apologies for the long wait, but it was a massive drama getting the design approved.

But, we were not going to hand out the uniforms yet, we like to make a bit of a hoo haa about it, so, you wouldn't have got them anyway.

So, really, apologies to the people waiting for the regular uniforms only.

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