Thursday, March 4, 2010

The week past....the weekend ahead!

This Week
Big Congratulations to all BRS Runners who completed the Clem7 10.5km run last Sunday. With the 5000 people I did struggle to find all of you for a ceremonial photo, but I got some great snaps of the start of the race. I have posted them on our home page slide show. Well done and I hope you enjoyed the experience!

With a rainy Sunday & Monday the conditions for were not ideal for a safe enjoyable run, so the session was cancelled. Matt and I replied to those people who sent an sms asking if the session was going ahead and were at the Ship Inn as usual in case other BRSers turned up for the session. It is rare that we will cancel a session, but if you have doubts, please sms us on
Renae 0447 578 200
Matt 0447 578 205

Wednesday's session saw everybody back after their recovery from Clem7 or a weekend Triathlon and finally the rain eased. Great effort on the threshold running and your improvements in pacing is certainly setting you up for success for your next running event.

Saturday 6 March CORE Session
This Saturday 6 March we are running our second Monthly CORE Session to guide you on the most effective techniques and exercises to develop a stable core for running.
When: This Sunday 8th February
Where: New Farm Park (next to the Rotunda)
Time: 7am - 8am
What to bring: a water bottle and towel or two if the ground is still wet
What ability: we will cater for all abilities and strengths
Cost: $8 members, $10 non-members

We look forward to seeing you there. Please bring along money if you would like to join us for a coffee after the session.

Some more information on Core Stability from our blog post on 31st Jan:

Strengthening your core is one of the key ways to avoid running injuries and to improve your running efficiency and performance. There are some common misconceptions about what is the 'core' and training for core stability.
First the core is simply your abs and lower back 'FALSE' -Core stability is the muscles that link the core-abdominal region (trunk or torso) to the shoulder girdle and pelvic region. This means: there are 3 key areas for core stability training.
1. Muscles that stabilise your shoulder blades (scapula)
2. Muscles that stabilise your torso (spine & pelvis)
3. Muscles that stabilise your pelvis

Second, core strength training is only for body builders and people who want six packs 'FALSE'" Most of the muscles are deep within your torso and start from the hip and go right up to the neck and shoulders. They connect the pelvis, spine and shoulders, when strong they can generate powerful movements with the arms and legs but when an imbalance occurs so can injury."

Core stability is for everyone, more importantly for endurance athletes who perform continuous repetitive movements over long periods of time. Exercising core muscles helps to stabilise the torso, providing a strong and stable base that allows the effective transfer of forces throughout the body.....for endurance running, this means quicker times, for less effort and lower chance of injury.

Happy Running & hopefully see you on Saturday

Renae & Matt

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