Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Uniform Order & Entry to Noosa Winter Festival

New Uniform Order We are putting in a uniform order at the end of this week. Champ Systems (where we get our uniforms from) is really flat out at the moment so it may take the full 5 weeks to receive the order, so I want to put it in as early as possible to make sure we receive the uniforms before the next major racing event. If you would like to order something let me know at training or by email info@brisbanerunsquad.com.au . I also have a document with pictures and prices. If you would like to see it, let me know at training or email. Entry to the Noosa Winter Festival We will be entering as a team into this event. Please enter online as an individual: - Go to www.usmevents.com.au - Find and click on the Noosa winter festival - click on 'Entry ' then enter online. - Fill out fields as an individual entry, then on the smae page as event selection tick 'Scody Largest Team' and enter Brisbane Run Squad. - That's it. Hopefully we win largest team. Happy Running Renae & Matt

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