Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thanks to the Whitsunday Heros

We are currently oozing gratitude for all those who have banded together to literally save the day:

1. BIG THANKS to James and Phil from Whitsundays On-line, they were the first to respond and were instrumental in all of the below:

2. Accommodation THANKS heaps to the team at AIRLIE APARTMENTS

3. 1/2 day Yacht Charter on SV Domino with all the extras, THANKS TO JULIE & REG at Aussie Yachting

4. Ceremony at Daydream Island THANKS TO DAYDREAM ISLAND TEAM + JULIE & REG

5. Reception Lunch at Waterline THANKS TO TONY

6. Complimentary tickets aboard the Voyager IV THANKS TO WHITSUNDAY ISLAND ADVENTURE CRUISES

7. Photographs aboard the Voyager THANKS TO TROPIX PHOTOGRAPHY

Also THANKS to all the others who offered......
Christophe Vanek of QLD Yachtcharters who offered us 4 days on a yacht
Sue Batty who offered multiple times to conduct the ceremony

THANKS TO HEAPS to others in the Whitsunday/Airlie Beach community that offered assistance, products/services, or simply phone numbers!!

THANKS TO FIT4TRAVEL for chasing options and general assistance

LAST BUT NOT LEAST THANKS TO Jennifer Frahm for her Social Media expertise!

all champions!

Happy Running
Renae & Matt
P.S. if you missed episode one of the series....see

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