Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gold Coast Festival Weekend Wrap-Up

CONGRATULATIONS to everybody who participated in the Gold Coast Marathon Festival!

What a weekend. In 2011, we had over BRS runners participating in all events, 2km, 4km, 5km, 10km, 21km, and 42km. For the first event ever we had our very own BRS tent, which was positioned perfectly to cheer on our runners. BRS Man made an appearance, many PBs were won and celebrated, distances run by many for the first time, and to top it off, our very own Claire Lynch featured in her sterling BRS jacket on page 34 of the Sunday Mail!!

With over 50 BRSers completing the event and so many milestones, it is hard to know where to start for the event wrap up. Before I will try to capture the events as best I can.

2km, 4km, 5km

Our little BRS stars, Maddison, Noah, and Mikaela enjoyed the festival atmosphere and the cheering crowd. Noah moved those little legs at an amazing 5.6min/km pace to complete the 4km in 22.52! Maddison completed her 2km under 13mins, and Mikaela our littlest BRSer ran a gutsy 14.45 for her 2km. GREAT work little BRSers!
We adopted Ang as a BRSer for the weekend and she completed the 5km. After only 6 weeks of running, Ang finished it in style!!


20 BRSers completed the 10km and toughed the killer head wind to bring is some smashing times.
Matt S. conquered it coming in sub 40mins, nearly 2 mins faster than his goal time. Coming 21st in the tough mens category of 25-29 is I am sure you agree, a sensational effort

Three of our runners cracked the 5mins/km pace coming in under 50mins. Andrew M, Ben Y and BRS man! well done. Jody, Sally, and Sam C were just pipped at the post by the clock coming in just over 50min pace.

Other grinners included our sub-1 hour runners. These included Shelley J, Emma T, Michelle W, Sam M, and Kathy N. Some great PBs by these ladies and it is great to see Shelley back from injury!

Our other proud BRSers who completed in style, running the whole 10km coming in under 70mins and their goals for the event: Wendy C, Michele W, Rebecca W, Jill M, Lisa P, and Jane H.

Well done to all our 10km runners!

21km - Half Marathon

We had a massive 17 BRSers complete the half-marathon event. Many of these runners were bravely doing a half marathon for the very first time.

Matt W had an outstanding performance, averaging 4.23/km for 21km to come in at 1:32, a great run and awesome time.

Hot on Matt's heels was Michael K with a 1:47min run and three of our runners only missed the sub-1:50mins by a few seconds, Jan G, Carla P, and Stephen M. Two BRS beat the 2hour clock scrapping in by 2-3 mins, Geoff O and Michelle M.

Of our remaining 1/2 marathoners, all were first timers, completed the 21km with great times All should be extremely proud of their runs, most finishing well ahead of their goals. Natalie B, Katrina F, Stacey C, Leah M, Lisa F, Claire L, Deanne B, Irene M, Emma B, and Cindy Y.

42km Marathon

A whoppng seven BRSers completed the Gold Coast Marathon 42km event. A marathon is a fantastic running milestone and all 7 of our runners finished the gruelling 42kms and for 4 of them, this was their very first attempt.

Geevan, Michael Y, Peter T, and Peter C set out in the early hours of Sunday to complete their very first marathon. Geevan cracked it at 4hr6mins, Peter C well under 5hrs with 4hr41mins and Peter T scrapping in under 5hr by 2mins! Micheal Yau stepped up to the plate to complete the 42 in just over 5hrs!

Top effort 1st time marathoners!!

Our remaining 3 marathoners stunned themselves by all smashing their goal times.

Melissa F absolutely smashed last year's time by 12mins to come in at 3hrs30mins. Darrell was and should be stoked with his 3hr25min run, his fasted in 24years!!
Both Melissa and Darrel ran the 42km in under 5min pace. I am sure you will agree senational efforts!

Matt C, an inspiration to us all. Matt completed the marathon in a mere 2hrs, 51mins, 4 minutes ahead of his goal time. This placed Matt 66 out of a total 3044 male marathon runners out there yesterday. This is an absolutely amazing effort and a tribute to your dedication and energy for the art of running.

An extremely successful weekend for all involved and a proud weekend for Matt and I. Seeing your faces as you ran past the BRS cheer squad and your smiles after the event just reinforces our passion for coaching and the Brisbane Run Squad, thanks!

Happy Running and well done again

Renae & Matt


  1. Congratulations to all! I may have been 5minutes slower than last year, but had a great time running. I become made very aware of the benefits of the regular long run at around the 13k mark! Roll on B2B and Round Raro!

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