Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bris Marathon Wrap-up, Whats up


a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to everybody who participated in the events during the Brisbane Marathon Festival last weekend.

1/2 Marathon
The morning started, cold and dark for our 1/2 marathon troopers, with Liss, I and Milo (the now adopted BRS mascot) cheering from the sidelines!

  • Our first BRSer across the line was the lightening fast Matt C, coming 10th overall with a cracking time of 1hr21mins!! Well done.

  • Michael K also did a great time, in a tougher, and hotter course, coming in only secs off his Gold Coast time.

  • Natalie B produced a smashing personal best, coming in under 2 hours!!

  • Jen G pipped at the 2hour post, coming in just over

  • Michele W had a good run, coming in a few minutes over 2hours, and a personal best!!

  • The fabulous 3, Greg, Carla, and Leah also had great races, finishing in style!

  • Jeff one of our B2B runners (who has promised to convert to BRS post B2B) raced well placing 9th overall.

10km & 2km

We had plenty of our 10km BRSer runners braving the hot conditions as they started the event at 9:30am.

Considering the course and conditions, everybody finished and gave it their all.
BRSers: Wendy C, Jill M, Janet, Irene, Michelle W, Geevan, Matt W, Peter C, Steve G, Cindy, Deanne, Sam, Karen, and Bec W. Ben G who recently joined BRS blazed into the finish in 38mins, coming 5th in his age group and top 20!!

Noah & Maddison W participated in the 2km!! Enjoying every minute of it!

I hope I didn't miss anybody and Congratulations again!!

Other Special Mentions

  • Jane H completed her first 1/2 marathon in Townsville over the weekend, well done!

  • Darrel G completed the New York Triathlon on Sunday in terrible conditions, rainy, 35degrees, humidity....but after all that he produced a PB!!!!
Long Saturday Sessions
Don't forget for the next 5 weeks up until and including 10th September, we have a long run on Saturday mornings.
Time: 6:30am
Where: New Farm Park Rotunda
What: 50mins BRS run + 50mins B2B run
Finish: 8:30am
See you there!!

Cook Islands Adventure
Our first BRS On Tour international event is only just around the corner.
14 BRSers have 6 weeks before we leave for the 31km Round Rarotonga Road Race & Festival.
This Week's Fact:
Rarotonga is the vibrant centre of the Cook Islands. Its circular shape is dominated by high mountain peaks, from which lush rain forcest cascade to a palm-fringed shore. It is all most completely encircled by a reef which harbours clear turquoise waters, and many white sandy beaches.
sounds pretty inviting to run around if you ask me!!!

Stay tuned for next week's blog listing all upcoming events
Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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