Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's Coming & Gold Coast Marathon Festival Tips

BRS Events Calendar - Updates
If you haven't already, download your BRS events calendar - available on our home page

Print it out, stick it on the fridge and update it as I send snippets through.

To update:
Bridge to Brisbane 2012 date has been released. Date: Sunday 2nd September (5km + 10km)

What's Up in March?

1. Saturday 3rd March - Twilight Reccy
Where: Meet Carpark Opposite UQ Athletics Centre, Sir William Macgregor Drive, St Lucia
Time: 6:30am - 8am
Cost: $2
What: chance to do a run through of the 10km (& half marathon as they are the same loop) before the Twilight Run on 18th March

*if you are doing the 1/2 marathon at Twilight, I recommend you running for the full 1.5 hours, to get some kms in your legs. i.e. complete the 10km circuit, then a half loop of the second lap.

Anyone is welcome to come and join us, even if they haven't entered as part of the BRS team.

if you haven't registered yet there is still time....don't forget to enter under the Brisbane Run Squad - we have 27 entrants and counting!!!!

2. Monday 5th March Quarterly BRS Member Birthday Dinner

Where: Beastie Burgers, Little Stanley Street, Southbank
What: stop and celebrate the birthdays of our BRS members (Sept - Dec 2011 & Jan - March 2012)
Menu: They have vego options, and don't do gluten free buns, but they have heaps of salad options & licensed (and of course there will be cake!!)
Time: 7:15pm after training

RSVP: please RSVP to or at training by Saturday 3rd March.


Gold Coast Marathon Festival 30th June - 1st July

Gold Coast Entries Open 12th March.
I have submitted a Team Entry Form. As soon as I have the details, I will post them for you to enter under BRS and receive 10% discount.

With only 18 weeks to go....have you chosen your event? 5km, 10km, 21km, 42km?

If you are focusing on the should start your lead up ASAP! Plan ahead so you can gradually increase your weekly distance to minimise the risk of injury.
Remember as a general don't want to increase your weekly KMs by more then 10% a week.
So if you are currently running 30-40km a week and want to get to 70-80km for marathon preparation.....increasing by 3km a week for the next 16 weeks (2 weeks of taper) will get you to your 80km a week mark!! It would be worth adding 1-2km a week to your long run and get to 5-8km before a Mon/Wed BRS session.

Sounds so much more achievable when you break it down to smaller chunks!

Half Marathoners......
At the moment, most BRSers can pump out 10km for their long Saturday runs. If you are aiming for the 21km at Gold Coast, simply continue your mid week sessions and add 1km per week onto your long runs and will be well prepared.

For the 10km event, it is good to train up to 15km to ensure you are well prepared to mix your speed work with an endurance base. The best plan of attack for you is to continue your Mon/Wed speed/strength sessions and try to get to a full 1.5 hours of running at Saturday sessions.

Happy Running!
Renae & Matt

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