Thursday, March 22, 2012

Uniforms, Saturday Session and more!!


It has been great to see more of you out and about in BRS singlets and t-shirts.

I must apologise for the last order. Champs has changed their sizing of the singlets and t-shirts during to consistent feedback they were too small! so they are now more conventional sizes. Therefore, many of you may have ordered a size too big! Hopefully with the spares we have covered most of you so you have a uniform that fits well.

If not, please let me now. I am going to put in another order in 2 weeks time so I am happy for you to return anything that doesn't fit and put in for the next order.

Apologies again

Saturday Session

Its time for Park Road!!
When: Saturday 24th March
Time: 6:30-8am - 1.5 hours - some may go over!
Where: corner of Park Road and Gordon Rd Milton, near Inn Training
What: Long run to assist with Gold Coast lead up and endurance.....
followed by coffee at one of the many choices!

Cost: Free. I am unable to make it this week due to other commitments. But as usual, simply meet at the meeting place, decide as a group where to run, Run and Enjoy!

We have a few big announcements over the next couple of weeks:

1. A NEW SESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. 2012 BRS On Tour Location!!!!!

Stay tuned, more details to come

Happy Running

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