Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to 2013 & Saturday Session!

Well BRSers we made it to 2013!! From the dedication and commitment I saw last year,  I know most of you are hitting 2013 fitter and healthier than 2012!!!

We will once again be putting together a BRS Calendar for you to plan your running (and social) events for the year!! This will be coming out in the next few weeks.

Dusk Til Dawn

Ever wanted to run a marathon...but haven't got past 10km.? Ever wanted to do an endurance team run but didn't know where to start..............

Well now is your chance! The Caboolture Dusk til Dawn in on Saturday 09th February and you can complete a marathon as a team of 4 or do relays up to 12 hours!!

A few of us have done this before, it is a unique event on a 500m track at the Caboolture historical village, plenty of room for supporters and cheering. Starting in the late afternoon it is perfect running conditions.

Options include:
6 Hr run/walk Solo $456hr Relay 3x2hrs – $90.00 (3 participants)
 6hr Relay 2x3hrs – $90.00 (2 participants)
12 Hr run/walk Solo $5512hr Relay – $180.00 (Min 4 – Max 18 participants)
50km run/walk Solo $4550k Relay – $65.00 (2 participants)
100km run/walk Solo $55100k Relay – $130.00 (5 participants)
Marathon run/walk Solo $40Marathon Relay – $60.00 (4 participants)
Half Marathon run/walk Solo $30 

When: Saturday 09th February
Where: Caboolture Historical Village
Time:  6pm

I know of a few people keen to do a team event. I will be sussing it out at training over the next few weeks to see if we can enter a few teams in the marathon and relays. Let me know at training or email me at

Saturday Session
After the success of our post xmas Southbank run and swim, it is back by popular demand.

When: Saturday 05th January
Where: meet outside Active Stride Southbank
What: 1-1.5hour endurance run  + Swim in Southbank Lagoon afterwards (we all just jumped in in our running gear last time, a perfect end to a good run)
Time: 6am-7:30am
Cost: $2

Note: parking is available under Southbank for $2 in by 5am out by 9am

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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