Thursday, February 6, 2014

Member of the Month + Saturday Session

We have so many awesome plans for BRS in 2014, I don't know where to start!!....

Here's installment no.1! Probably our biggest in 5 EVER 

Q.  What happens if multiple people win Member of Month - Commitment with the most sessions....
A.  They all go into a draw !

Q. Do Saturday sessions count?
A. Yes they are officially a BRS session

Q. Does social event attendance count towards Member of Month - Commitment ?
A. No......but it doesn't hurt!! 

Q. Can I win Member of Month - Commitment every month....
A. Absolutely (if you are committed!!)

Q. who decides on the Challenge Member of the Month
A. Renae, Matt, Matt, and Liss will be the decision makers here. We will be observing at training, looking for those who give it all with confidence, push yourself out of your comfort zone and generally challenge yourself in 2014 to go onwards and upwards! 

Q. When will they be presented?
A. Our fantastic sponsors, Peter and Matt will be attending our BRS Birthday dinner on March 3 to present the inaugural awards!! From then on, they will be presented at training sessions or birthday dinners by the coaches. 

BRSer's this is a great opportunity to SHINE!!!.....reach your goals and potential.....and make the most of our sponsor generosity!!!

Saturday Session

This week we head to New Farm Park!!

When:  Saturday 8th February
Where: Meet at the New Farm Park Rotunda (Park end closest to the River)
Time: 6am - 7:30am
What: a long run + coffee!!!
Cost: $2

The Jan Power New Farm Markets are bring your money for some breaky treats and coffee!!
Sit on the grass, eat yummy food, stretch and catch up!!

Happy running.....don't forget to challenge yourself this weekend!!!!

Renae & Matt 

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