Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Saturday session & the next month!

With many of the major running events over for 2014.....this time of the year is about staying motivated, having fun, maintenance and maintaining momentum!

If I had $1 for every time I heard one of you say, oh I regret doing nothing for those few months, I feel like I am back to square one!!  wow, gees I am struggling, I wish I didn't take that break.

For most of you now, running is part of your lifestyle, not something you do for 6 months of the year. The most important question here is......what are you trying to achieve from taking a break from running?  If it is tiredness and energy levels, sitting on the couch or sleeping in isn't exactly the best remedy! Maybe look at what is happening in other areas of your life. Work, nutrition, family to see where you can gain energy/make changes. I can pretty much guarantee that time away from running will not instantly make you feel better, probably rather the opposite.

Remember, if you are taking a break due to injury and undertaking rehab, please let us know so we can consider it in your return to squad.


To help with inspiration, this week is an opportunity to combine your long run with a 5km Parkrun to increase your motivation for those last 5km!!

When:   Saturday 16th August

Time: start 6am, Parkrun starts 7am, finish approximately 7:30am

Where: Meet at the Rotunda at New Farm Park or at the Parkrun start line if you are only doing Parkrun

What: a 1hr run, followed by 5km Parkrun or a 1.5 hour run for those not keen on Parkrun.

Cost: $2

Remember Parkrun is free!!!! its a timed 5km event, more details available here. Please register if you haven't already.

Breaky: maybe we can head to Vue or somewhere like that around New Farm Park.

p.s. the markets aren't on so plenty of parking!!

What's coming?

The next month are full of fun stuff to get involved in!

Saturday 17th August:  Good luck to everybody participating in the Lake Manchester 22km Trail Run this weekend!!

Saturday 24th August: River Run 100

This is a unique team style event, that looks like heaps of fun!!

We have kindly been given a free entry by the organisers. I am keen to put together a 100km team - maybe 5 x 20km, and/or a 50km team - 5 x 10km!

Let me know if you are keen to participate and which event!!

Whitsunday's crew, a great opportunity to get a 20 or 25km event under your belt!!!

Saturday 30th August: Bootcamp

Prestige Lifestyles at Newstead are again putting on a charity boot camp to raise money for canteen.

I am thinking we do our run first from Newstead from 7-8am, then join in the Bootcamp fun!
The last one was fun and this one you are even encouraged to dress up in 80s!!

Time: 8-9am 
Cost: Gold coin (or more!) donation to Canteen
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels 

Dress: 1980s theme - see below for some inspiration! 

Sunday 31st August: Sunshine Coast Marathon Festival 

Lots of events to choose from! Hope to see some of you there!

Saturday 6 September: Nerang 20km or 6km - come and support!!!

This is the last big preparation event for our BRS On Tour Runners. We would love as many BRS runners to come as possible! not keen on 20km, why not try out the 6km trail run, or come a little later to do a road run around the area, then cheer our team in!

We will have the BRS tent there and hopefully a massage therapist!!!!

Happy Running
Renae and Matt

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