Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Saturday Session & Upcoming Events

Saturday Session

Join us again this Saturday for a Strength and Conditioning session - especially designed for runners!!

We hope you have been consistent in completing your S&C program at home, so you might even be ready to up your weights this week! I know I am.

We have been getting great feedback about the first program so thanks heaps.

Location: Captain Burke Park (under Story Bridge)
Time: 6am - 7:30am
Coffee afterwards, of course. 
Cost: Great value only $2 for members, $4 non-members. 

Remember regardless of what distance or why you run as long as you can into the future (which I am sure is a goal for all of us!) you need to continuously condition your body. 


The plan is to have 2 S&C Saturday Sessions per month. However, this is not nearly enough of this type of training to be effective. So, to gain the most benefit we would encourage runners to attend our session and then conduct their own sessions during the week using the guide posted on Facebook after the session.

Come along and learn how to perform each exercise correctly, plus get a great running workout that will not only improve your overall fitness and strength but will improve your running as well.

Weight will be used for these sessions, so, as we don't own 20 sets of weights, can you please bring your own set of dumbbells. If you are unsure of the amount of weight to bring here is a simple test:

You will want 40% of your max single rep bicep curl. To do this do a standing bicep curl using a weight heavy enough to only perform 1 rep. You will want 40% of this weight. Eg: I lift 30kg so I will be using a set of 12kg weights. Renae lifts 12kg, so she will be using a set of 4kg weights. If you are still unsure, use what you use during pump.classes. You can also use elastic therabands if you have them. You only need one set of weights for all exercises (e.g. 2 x ?kg dumbbells)

We welcome members and non-members, runners and walkers or those recovering from running injuries. 

Upcoming Events

Dusk til Dawn this Saturday 31st January! 

Good luck to our teams and individuals competing in the Dusk til Dawn event this Saturday night!
Have fun. 

Keen to support or enter? check out the details here:

Twilight - Sunday 22nd March
Twilight festival is just around the corner!  Enter as part of the BRS Team now. 

1. Go to and select Twilight Run 2015 on the left-hand side
2. Click Join an existing Team and type in Brisbane Run Squad
3. Select Brisbane Run Squad to join this Team
4. Choose from the options available for Twilight Run 2015
5. Continue with the registration process until payment has been completed.


Inspire me to Live, Laugh, & Run!
Free Massage!

This year our mantra is inspiration. We all need to be inspired, it helps us to keep going, strive for new heights, and pushes us out of our comfort zone to feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction!

We are putting a call out for our first Inspirational Guest Post.

Steps to be in the running for a free 1 hour remedial massage from our generous sponsor RechargeHQ. 

1. Have a story that will be a Facebook and Blog Post on the BRS site that will make us laugh or inspire us to keep running based on your running journey and how running has positively changed and impacted your life.
2. Email: or comment on Facebook if you are interested in participating.
3. Random Draw - we will randomly choose and announce a guest blogger and let you know when we would like the story and word length etc
4. If you are chosen, you receive a free massage and know you have inspired us all!

5. If you are not chosen, we will keep your name in the draw or the following month!  

Thanks to RechargeHQ for making this possible!

REMINDER: Uniforms & Visors

For all of you who were wanting uniforms or visors, get your order in now!! the last chance for a while 

2015 January Order now open
Place your order on-line now until 31st January by clicking here or with Renae/Matt at training during that period.

5-6 week turnaround on uniforms, expected delivery early March. You must attend training to collect your uniform OR pay a little extra and I can post it to you. 

See the uniform page for uniforms available, sizes, and prices. 

NOTE: we need a minimum of 15 to order the visors, so if you are need of a new one, please order one now. 

Happy running

Renae & Matt 

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