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Warwick Pentath Run Blog 2 & 3, Saturday Session, Quarterly Dinner Reminder

Warwick Pentath Run

Guest Blogger : Liss talking about the 4.6km Cross 

Country Race

After a short scenic drive from Warwick of browns and greens we arrived at the venue for the 4.6km cross country race, the Allora Golf Course. The golf course is beautifully lush and green and the run course is meticulously marked out with white flags. Sun's shining and when the wind dies down it's a lovely temperate setting for a noon race.

To the back drop of kids in the playground, supporters mingling, picnic blankets and fold up chairs we take our positions at the start banner for our 2 lap run. Quick race brief remember flags on the right, white on the right lock it in and BANG we're off and racing.
A couple of hundred metres on a bitumen road, a bit of gravel path and then we're on the grass. Everyone's jostling for their race's position. Some going out way too hard and some just cruising. over rolling mounds, gulleys, a wooden bridge and a short sharp hill, all going well, smooth and quiet. Then a change of direction and SMACK a crazy headwind along the flat back section, down another gulley, another wooden bridge and there's the banner just ahead spectators calling out for their special people one lap down.I get a wave and a kiss from Tilly on the way past, energy recharged I'm off for lap 2.
Round we go again,  on the now familiar course taking in the peace and serenity of the rolling green golf course, up that sharp back hill again til SMACK headwind hits again but before you know it there's the finishing banner. Spectators cheering hard.One last kick to tick off a few extra places and done.

Race one of 4 for me and race 2 of 5 for the other BRSers. Time to rehydrate and refuel for what's the dusk 5km.

Warwick Pentath Run

Guest Blogger : Matt C talking

about the 5km Race

Ever heard that song “A pub with no beer?” Well that’s what I think of when I arrive at the start of the 5k road race at 2:30pm. 15 minutes out of Warwick, turn right, follow the road and there, in the middle of nowhere, is a little country pub; The Darling Downs Hotel. I would normally get to a 5k race a lot earlier than 30 min before, but ‘warming up’ seems a moot point by now. My legs are already totally shredded and my stomach hates me for the previous 100minutes of exertion. And it’s windy again. Damn.
The race is as simple as it gets. 2.5 k out, turn, come back. But the wind makes it harder. We will be coming back into it for the return leg. The gun goes (1 minute after the solo wheelchair athlete) and we are off. I quickly settle into about 6th and forget that I have already run 30k for the day. Within a minute there is a split and I need to run around a few to get to the front 2 runners. I make it, but my legs feel hollow! With the tail wind behind us we continue to sail to the 2.5k turn around. When we turn it is just 2 of us. Me and Dan, the guy that has won the last 2 races.

Out of the turn we stay together. We run shoulder to shoulder into the gusty headwind. I see Nick looking strong, and hear encouragement from Dan, Bridge and Liss (not to mention all the nameless runners who cheers us on). About 4k I think to myself “This is the most honest 5k I have ever run. Neither of us has dropped in behind for a wind break. Just side by side.” I had decided that if I was still with him I would surge at the speed sign, about 200 from the finish. So I do. I lose sight of him for a handful of seconds. Then he is back and he surges. I rally and get back on his shoulder, but have nothing left if he goes again… which he does. He pulls away to win race number 3, and I settle for my 3rd second place for the weekend. But I gave it everything. I managed to run 3:30s the whole way home into the headwind.  The rest of the BRS crew all come in with very respectful times. After a beer at the presentations and a quick shower we are off to the RSL for dinner to discuss the day’s triumphs and our feelings of trepidation for what tomorrow will hold.


When: Saturday 20 June 

Where: New Farm Park Rotunda

Time: 6am-7:30am

What:1.5 hr long run around the river, or
          50 min long run, followed by 5km Parkrun
          I encourage you to register with Parkrun its free!


Markets are on again! So bring a blanket and some money for a well deserved post session breaky!

BRS Quarterly Dinner and Goodbye drink for Aoife and 


When:  Wednesday 24th June 

Time: 7pm after training 

Where: The Ship Inn, Southbank

What: Celebrate birthdays for the quarter April to June and talk all things running and wish Aoife and Nichole the best of luck with their moves down south. 

RSVP: don't worry about it.....I'll book a table, just turn up!  PLEASE arrive to training early so you can go in, order and pay for your meal to help out the Ship Inn staff. 

Happy Running
Renae & Matt 

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