Thursday, February 16, 2017

This Weekend, Last Weekend wrap up

This Weekend

We are getting uses to our post run dip in the Southbank Pool.  So why fix what aint broke. 

When: Saturday 18th February

Where: Meet on the Stairs of the Southbank Surf Club

6am - 7:30am

Many options for distance and speed from this location.  If you are following Renae's Cook Island program, it's a lovely rest week with a 12km run programmed.  

If anyone is unclear of how to approach a race coming up, please talk to us and we can come up with a plan to get you across the line.

Parking - don't forget only $2 under Southbank from 5am-9am or 10am with your parkrun token. 

Session Cost: $2 

Followed by a lagoon dip, breaky & coffee of course! 

Last Weekend Wrap Up

As predicted all races competed in on the weekend were brutal.  Heat, humidity and mind games were out to get us.

Everyone did extremely well considering the conditions and you all should be very proud of your performance.

I am soooo very proud of one of our youngest members Arn, for competing in his first Spartan race (a bit biased too), he smashed it.  Arn did place last in the race, but, that is only because he kept on repeating all the obstacles multiple times because they were so fun.

Happy Running

BRS Coaches

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