Thursday, March 23, 2017

Saturday Session + Its nearly baby time!!

Well done to all our BRSers who participated in Twilight last weekend!

Saturday Session 

Feels like time for the markets to me! so let's head to New Farm Park. 
When: Saturday 25th March
Where: Meet at the New Farm Park Rotunda
Time: 6am - 7:30am
What: If you are following the Cooks Lead up program, this week is 14km. Other have your own goals and aspirations, walk/running, 5km, 10km, 20km!! come along and go for it!

Cost: $2

Followed up at New Farm Jan Power Markets for Coffee and Breaky. Maybe bring a water proof mat just in case the grass hasn't quite dried out. 
Looking forward to catching up. 

Bridget and Dan, two of our Fav BRSes are soon to welcome a bub into their lives 

Please join us to celebrate the impending birth of baby Dempsey!

When: Saturday 8th April 

Time: 8am-10am
Where: The Regatta Hotel Street Cafe (inside), 543 Coronation Dr, Toowong
What: Coffee, Breaky, Chats, Good luck wishes!
We will be running from there at 6am. Join us for a run first or simply meet us there for breaky. 
Can you believe, this is BRS Baby No. 14!! The bubs born since the start of BRS. 

Apologies if I get the order incorrect or gosh if I miss any names, I am very sorry. 

  1. Arn
  1. Mackenzie
  1. Tilly
  1. Joey
  1. Amelia
  1. Soren
  1. Felicity
  1. Elizabeth
  1. Thomas
  1. Immy
  1. Ellie
  1. Georgia
  1. William
We hope to see you all there!!


Remember, the BRS Code for the GC running festival has been released for a while. 

BRS123 to join our team and receive the 10% discount. We will send you an invoice for payment closer to the closing date. 

Happy Running

BRS Coaches. 

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