Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Saturday Session

When: Saturday 22nd September

Where: Meet at Captain Burke Park

Time: 6am - 7:30am

What: If you have been following the Beach to Brother trainin program, 1.5hr long run.
           If not, still a 1.5hr long run.
           From this start loction we can run over the Storey Bridge to get some last hill trining                         in, out to New Farm Park and include a couple of Ivory Lane laps.  This Lane is at a                        12.5% incline, so not quite the 15% we will expect at Beach to Brother, but pretty                               close and good to get an idea of what we are in for.

Matt L will be there at 6am.
Renae will be going for a run at 7:30am if anyone can't get out of bed in time for the 6am.

Cost: $2 for refreshments after
Followed by breakfast and coffee of course.  

Coop's Corner

Riddle me this… Riddle me that…

Intervals, long runs, hills, threshold, fartlek not to mention easy runs or recovery days. How do you fit it all in a week? Answering this question requires double runs (2 runs a day) and weekly mileage that exceeds 100 km a week. Now I have some friends (crazy people) that do this week in week out with ease. But that isn’t most of us. So let’s look at how you can achieve some variety in your running, reap the success, and still have a balance that enables you to live a life without running shoes on!

One approach that has become popular of late is the 80/20 approach to running. This way of running says that 80% of you weekly running should be at sub maximal/aerobic level. This level builds base fitness as well as being a safe zone that is less likely to cause injury. 20% is dedicated to running that is anaerobic #lactic acid! Using this method of training requires you to have a really good understanding of your body, your pace, and your perceived effort. A tempo run (that is aerobic) can quickly turn into anaerobic if you don’t watch it.

Another approach is simple. When you run, you run hard. This approach was successful for a lot of Australian runners in the 60s and 70s. But can lead to burn out and injury!!

An article I read in R4YL magazine a few months ago really hit a cord with me. This coach also uses an 80/20 philosophy when coaching his athletes, but his parameters are not about effort. Instead he says 80% of your training each week should be consistent and predictable #breadandbutter. The other 20% is dedicated to doing something different, some variety so you don’t get bored with the same weekly timetable. This brings me to the answer to the riddle.

I am basing this on a runner who does 4 runs a week. Your long run, interval work and an easy run are your bread and butter. These are done every week. This leaves one run left to rotate around, swapping between threshold runs, fartlek or hill reps and varying it over 3 week cycle. Call these your power balls!!! If you do 5 runs a week, then add in another easy run of a different distance or pick up another of the power balls. IMPORTANT NOTE – If you are in race week then something has to give. Try moving you long run into the week (but maybe not as long as usual) and your race will be your power ball!!

Do up a timetable and have a play around.

Until next time….
Yours in blue and white.

Happy Running
BRS Coaches

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