Thursday, November 15, 2018

Coops Corner, Saturday Session and Party Time

Coop's Corner

Running friends,

While I was running with a mate this morning he said something so familiar to me. He hardly catches up with his  ‘other friends' these days but will see running mates 2-3 times a week. How true is this. I often think it is largely due to time management and that in our busy lives if you can combine tasks (socialising and running) then it is win-win. But thinking past that, most of the socialising I do, outside of work and running, still tends to be the same friends that I run with? Why?
Watching some stimulating morning tv this morning while sitting in the hospital chair getting my 8 weekly medication fix, there was a segment on repairing lost friendships. Some relationship guru from the States discussed some research. It takes 50 hours of contact to build a superficial friendship, and 200 hours of contact to establish a strong/genuine friendship.
When we are chatting through our long runs with a companion, or talking between gasps for air in rep sessions, we are building those connections that go on to build true strong friendships. And while we (we meaning runners) are all individuals, we share some common beliefs and values that tie us together. And we don't HAVE to talk about running all the time!  So it is no surprise really that running buddies are the ones we naturally hang out with even when we are not wearing Mizunos or dressed in blue and white.
On that note, see you all Saturday!

Saturday Session

Friendly reminder, Mizuno have an extra special Test Wear Session this weekend, Sat + Sun. 
Sounds like fun + you get a Mizuno T-shirt

There will be 5 different shoes for you to test and the order of the shoes will be given on the day:
Test shoes 1: 2-3kms
Test shoes 2: 2-3kms
Test shoes 3: 2-3kms
Test shoes 4: 2-3kms
Test shoes 5: 2-3kms
The runs can be completed at your own pace and in your own time. 

Interested? See what spots are left and book in!

BRS Session is at Southbank this weekend to accommodate those giving Test Wear a Go!

NOTE;  different start and finish point to usual

Where: Southbank - Picnic Island Green in front of Mado Turkish Restaurant 

Date: 17 November 

Time: 6am-7:30am

What: Test Wear Session, Long run, warm up and park run. 

Breaky and Coffee to follow. 

Please look out for Mizuno Mel who will be there at the Mizuno Flags and say HI!! 

Cost: Free

BRS Birthday Party, this Saturday Afternoon Night!

Thanks to those who RSVPed to attend our event on Saturday. 

Wine Tasting, followed by an after party, followed by an after after party!!

Wine Tasters, please arrive at 2:45pm

Looking forward to announcing the winners of our 2018 Most Consistent, Most Improved, and Runner's Runner. 

Happy Running


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