Thursday, December 17, 2009

Its Heating UP!

This Week
In the heat of Summer 2009, we had 2 tough runs this week.
Monday saw us back at the botanical gardens for some fartlek efforts, well done to everybody for getting through it on such a hot, humid evening.

Wednesday we were back testing our improvements on the 3.3km river circuit. Most of you got through at least 2 at a good pace, which is great. The nine of you who made the 3 laps, top effort on a 10km evening!

Matt Cooper running some great times as always, 11.55 for the first lap! an improvement on the last time.

Darrell Giles took 2minutes of his last time and managed to come home stronger in the 3rd 3.3km than the first! Well done !!

Cindy and Michael both took 40seconds off their previous times, as did Matt Shephard. Great stuff!!

I will add the 3.3km times to the Time Trial page.

Fancy Something Different!!
Ever wanted to run 10km through a traffic tunnel? Dreamt about it?? Well now is your time to shine!
A once in a lifetime opportunity is set for early 2010 between 6:30am and 9am on a Sunday prior to the tunnel's official opening to traffic. The date will be announced just weeks before the event. The field is capped at 5,000 and you can register your interest now by clicking on
The organisers will send a reminder email to sign up to run when the official dates are announced. The event will help raise funds to support the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation in working wonders for sick kids.

For those of you preparing to run the Hare and Hound on 10th January, beware that this may potentially overlap or be the following weekend.

Those of you who have already started your holidays, Matt and I wish you a safe, fabulous, and healthy holiday. We look forward to seeing you when you return to training in 2010.

PLEASE NOTE: training will be as per usual over the holiday season so those of you keen to continue over Christmas/New Year, you know where to find us!!
See you Monday 21st Dec!
Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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