Tuesday, April 13, 2010

GC Marathon Entries & Core Session this Saturday

Gold Coast Marathon Entries

Entries for the 42km marathon, 21km Half marathon, 10, 5, 4, 2km events for the Gold Coast Marathon have officially opened.
We have registered a Brisbane Run Squad Team - which means as a BRS runner you will receive:
• A 10% discount on your entry fee, and
• Opportunities to win great prizes and awards courtesy of MyFun.com.au
We are waiting to receive our registration ID and Password to enable you to enter on-line.
We expect to receive this today or tomorrow and will make this information available on the blog as soon as we receive it.

We require a minimum of 20 runners to receive the above discount so please ensure you enter under Brisbane Run Squad when we provide the details.

The events will be run over the entire weekend with the 10km run on Saturday 3 July and the 42, 21, 5, 4, 2km events on Sunday 4 July - so why not come along for the weekend and support your fellow BRSers!

Accommodation is selling out fast, so we would recommend if you plan to stay down for the weekend, jumping on-line and booking a place. Wotif.com.au has accommodation specials already for that weekend (Fri 2 July - Sunday 4 July).

Core Session for Runners this Saturday 7am 17 April

When: This Saturday 17th April
Where: New Farm Park (next to the Rotunda)
Time: 7am - 8am
What to bring: a water bottle and towel
What ability: we will cater for all abilities and strengths (in particular beginners)
Cost: $8 members, $10 non-members

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Benefits of Core Strength for Endurance Runners
Strengthening your core is one of the key ways to avoid running injuries and to improve your running efficiency and performance.

It was evident on Monday night's run that many of you lack strength and power on the hills. Our core strength sessions for runners targets all the key muscles to enhance your stability and power and minimises the risk of running injuiries.

Your Core is NOT simply your abs and lower back -Core stability is the muscles that link the core-abdominal region (trunk or torso) to the shoulder girdle and pelvic region.This means: there are 3 key areas for core stability training.
1. Muscles that stabilise your shoulder blades (scapula)
2. Muscles that stabilise your torso (spine & pelvis)
3. Muscles that stabilise your pelvis

Core strength training is NOT only for body builders and people who want six packs
Most of the muscles are deep within your torso and start from the hip and go right up to the neck and shoulders.

They connect the pelvis, spine and shoulders, when strong they can generate powerful movements with the arms and legs but when an imbalance occurs so can injury. "Core stability is for everyone, more importantly for endurance athletes who perform continuous repetitive movements over long periods of time. "

If you have any questions on the core session or the GC entries, please email us on info@brisbanerunsquad.com.au or see us Wednesday at training.

Happy Running

Renae & Matt

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