Saturday, January 8, 2011

Resolution Run/Swim Results

WET ENOUGH FOR YA??????????????????????

Probably the most used comment all day. It was absolutly bucketing down while we were waiting to start the 2011 Resolution Run at Southbank. The rain did clear up for the start, and stayed away for most of the race, but decided to give us a drenching before anyone had finished. We all looked as though we had completed the first leg of a triathlon rather than a 5km or 10km run.

Slower times for all competitors were posted due to the weather and the fact that the run was at least 500 meters too long. Our 16 BRSers, however, put the bad weather behing them, saying "lucky we have done alot of training in the rain".

Some times to mention are Matt S, coming in as first BRSer and 27th male. It was the day for the ladies however with Mel F coming 9th female in the 10km and Jody H smashing out a 6th place female in the 5km.

Congratulations to all BRSers who competed in the terrible conitions. To complete a race in those circumstances takes alot of guts.

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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