Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Year & Wednesday Evening

New Year 2012
It has been fabulous to see so many of you back in the new year. You are looking refreshed...ready for the next challenge!

I hope your running kick start continues well into 2012. Remember to help you stay focused....a few weeks ago, I asked what your goal was for 2012??
  • to make new friends
  • to join more Saturday sessions to get in long runs (& chats over breaky)
  • to run a faster 10km
  • to complete a 1/2 marathon event
  • to complete a marathon
  • to improve your running technique
  • to enjoy hill running!
  • to improve your time trial time!
  • to attend more BRS social events
  • to set a great fitness example for friends and family
  • to leave work on time and make more sessions!
After a crazy 2011 of an adventure Marathon, a 100km event, an international running festival, a full-on B2B lead up, and a may wonder what is my running goal is for 2012? I am narrowing my focus from the long 21km+ events. After a year of distance running, I miss the feel of a hard, fast, intense 10km event!! In a 10km there is little room for error but plenty of opportunity to improve: strength, agility, and speed! With Junior entering the world soon, I suspect my luxury of 2-3hr runs will be short-lived...So why not move my goals to suit my new lifestyle!
Bring on 2012!!!!

Don't forget to write down your goal....stick it on the fridge or somewhere as a regular reminder to keep you on track!

Wednesday: Time Trial & Dinner
With a new year year, we need to understand where we are currently to know if we are improving....
So come along Wednesday for your 5km Time Trial.
For those of you who have never done one, it is a good opportunity to see how you are progressing and give you a benchmark!
Many of you have been keen for a timetrial for a while, to test our your speed.

To celebrate everybody's effort in the timetrial and Aussie Day on Thursdays, lets head to the Ship Inn for dinner.
When: Wednesday 25th January
Where: Ship Inn, Southbank
What: dinner and drinks
Time: 7pm after training.

See you there

Happy Running
Renae & Matt

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