Thursday, June 20, 2013

BRS on Tour Wrap Up....Saturday Session & our famous ladies!

BRS On Tour Wrap UP

What a week!! We had a blast!

After a loooong flight arriving at 4am Brisbane Time, we had a quick kip, then up nice and early on the bus for our Marathon Course Inspection tour!  Quite quickly it hit us how darn hot it this race was going to be.

We registered, hit the expo, tried some Thai espresso then off for a reccy run of our own to really understand the conditions we were going to be dealing with.

On our 20min reccy run we literally ran into an Elephant on the path.....AMAZING! this was looking up!
We 'dominated' the pasta party which was amazing, then back to the hotel rooms for an early bed time.

Keeters and Will's marathon started at 4:30am, so they were on the bus with Andrew, Matt and I by 4am.
After 500m warm up at 4am in morning Keeters was sweating bullets! The next minute they were gone, off on their 42km, 90% humidity, undulating marathon!

6am - the half marathoners - Jill, myself, Matt, and Andrew were kicking off for what has got to be one of the toughest 1/2 marathons we have ever done!

6:30am - Karen our 10km entrant kicked off, braving the heat and rain.

Proud to say that ALL BRSers finished in style, giving a last effort over the line with big smiles on their faces.
Recovery was unusual.....Food consisted of fried rice and congree with fried shallots, chilli flakes and chilli sauce, really after a marathon??? the free massage was pretty good though.

Chat to any of the On Tour runners for their account of the race, they all have interesting and fun stories how they got through it!

Recovery started early, a few celebratory drinks in Jill's room, then to the non-existent after party! we were 3 hours late, I think we missed it!
We headed out for our own after party, which I must admit, finished a lot earlier than any of us would have thought! the Bed was calling us

The next 5 days of recovery......well that stays on TOUR!!! Needless to say we enjoyed the local beverages, massages, shopping, food, pool, and entertainment!

Saturday Session

Saturday 20th June

Both sessions will leave from RechargeHQ 87 Main Street Kangaroo Point

Where: RechargeHQ/ Boxing Express 87 Main Street Kangaroo Point
Time: 6am - 8am  
What: Long Run + Breaky at PUK 
Cost: $2

Tough Mudders..........
YEP you guessed it.....Game on as usual!
Meet at RechargeHQ 6am for your run, then 7am for your Cross fit/skill session at Cross Fit P4P. 

**Our uniforms have arrived mudders!! Now we will look official!****

BIG THANKS TO Matt and Liss for taking the sessions whilst we were away!! You both rock!

Check out our BRS Ladies

Our ladies Michelle, Claire, and Liss are now famous! Click on the below link to read their story

Happy running
Renae and Matt 

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