Thursday, October 31, 2013

Saturday session

This Saturday marks one year since Parkrun came to Southbank! We have been involved with Southbank Parkrun during the year hosting a month and providing volunteers to help guide the 200 plus runners across the line.

To celebrate their birthday Gareth and the crew have planned a big morning!

They are trying to break the Parkrun record hoping to get 800 runners hitting the pavement!  Followed by random prize draws!

So lets have some bRSers running for a record!

Saturdays run

Where: meet at the  steps near streets beach near the toilet block! Park underneath Southbank near the middle and exit near max brenner for only $2 out by 9am!

Time: meet at 6am for a 50min run followed by Parkrun at 7am!

What: BRS run and then a 5km Parkrun helping to break the record!!

Plus Parkrun prize draws and brS coffees!!!

Note: Matt and I won't be there this weekend so no refreshments or a place to put your keys.

Happy running

See you Monday!!

Renae and matt

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