Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thanks + Saturday Session + Saturday 16th...few more details

Thanks to those who attended our dinner on Wednesday night to celebrate the imminent birth of Baby Coops.
Thanks to those who contributed to a gift, meaning we were able to buy them an awesome Toy Box (which we only found out on Wednesday was exactly what they wanted!!) and fill it full of first week essentials for keeping mum and dad awake and fed!

Good luck to Matt and Liss

Saturday Session

This week we will head to the Regatta Hotel for our long run and more importantly, post run breaky!!

When: Saturday 12th October, 2013
Where: Meet in the Regatta Hotel Carpark on Sylvan Road Toowong
What: after a big week of BRS sessions, Fasttrack Series, and are a few options, including a lighter option!
Meet at 6am for the 11km loop, followed by 30mins stretching - finishing approximately 7:30am, followed by Breaky
Meet at 6am for a 1.5 hour run, followed by breakfast
Those who are dying to do a 2 hour run, meet at 6am and knock yourself out!!

Times: 6am kick off

See you all there!!

Saturday 16th November - Place keeper more details....

Last week I asked you to set aside 16th November..... 
Tell your friends, tell your families put time aside from 6am - 9am
There will be chances to win heaps of prizes from:

  • Mizuno
  • The Ship Inn
  • Qld Orthotics and Podiatry + Andrew Barlow Podiatry
  • RechargeHQ
  • Aqua Treadmill Sessions (great for Rebab)
  • AND MORE.......
Am I building the suspense enough...

Happy Running, see you soon

Renae & Matt

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