Thursday, May 28, 2015

Saturday Session and Warwick Pentath Run wrap up - Coming Soon

Saturday Session

When:  Saturday 30th May

Time: 5:30am with Matt C, for extra long run
           6am with Liss for regular session
WhereMeet on the steps of the Southbank Surf Club at Streets Beach, Southbank

WhatAn opportunity do a run that is targeted at your upcoming goals, which will dictate your time and distance. Plenty of options.......
  • You could even do a 1 hour run, followed by some stretching and chatting, 
  • use the full 1 hour 45 min  looong run to work towards your goal
  • 55min run followed by parkrun 5km to help you push yourself for that last 5km!**NOTE: Parkrun meeting point has moved to the green opposite the River Quay. **

Breakyfollowed by Breaky and Coffee!

Cost: $2

Warwick Pentath Run

Massive congratulations to all of our BRS runners who competed in the Warwick Pentath Run, held on weekend of 23rd and 24th May.
Reports are trickling in of some great results and some challenging, but fun races. 

As promised, the competitors are going to give us a run down of each event as a five part mini series.  
Stay tuned to read about the exciting adventures of Matt C, Liss, Dan, Bridgette and Nick.

BRS Quarterly Dinner

Apologies for the reschedule, how silly of me to forget State of Origin. 

When:  Wednesday 24th June 

Time: 7pm after training 

Where: The Ship Inn, Southbank

What: Celebrate birthdays for the quarter April to June and talk all things running.

RSVP: don't worry about it.....I'll book a table, just turn up!  PLEASE arrive to training early so you can go in, order and pay for your meal to help out the Ship Inn staff. 

Gold Coast Marathon Pack

We will be collecting the BRS Team packs on Saturday 27th at 10:15am.
You can collect them from training the following Monday or Wednesday  night or from the BRS Tent at the festival on Saturday 4th or Sunday 5th. 

Happy Running
Renae and Matt

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