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Brisbane Marathon Festival, Sign On Sesion, Saturday Session and........The final Guest Blogger, Nick

Brisbane Marathon Festival

Entries are still open for any event (marathon, half marathon, 10km, 5km or 2.5km kids) in the Brisbane Marathon Festival.  It's on this Weekend, 2 August 2015.  For more information go to

BRS has a team.  To enter follow the instructions on our "Whats On Page" here

For any BRSers competing lets all meet at the QUT side of the Goodwill Games Bridge as we have previous years.

Sign on Session

Just a reminder of our Upcoming Sign on Session:

WhenWednesday 5th August 
Time: 7pm after training
Where: the Ship Inn Beer Garden (bring a change of clothes, jumper, it might be chilly!)
  • Sign-on to become a BRS member for 2015-2016 year (bring your $30 membership with you please as cash, there will be no eftpos)
  • Receive your BRS Membership Card to obtain our sponsor rewards
  • Update us on your goals for the upcoming year
  • An opportunity to ask coaches about membership, how BRS works, social events, upcoming events, and of course discuss your running goals
  • a great chance to catch up with friends and meet new ones!! 


When: Saturday 1st August

Where: New Farm Park Rotunda

Time: 6am-7:30am

What:1.5 hr long run around the river, or
          50 min long run, followed by 5km Parkrun
          I encourage you to register with Parkrun its free!


Markets are on again! So bring a blanket and some money for a well deserved post session breaky!

Warwick Pentath Run

Guest Blogger :Nick, talking about the final 1500m

The Mental Games: A tale of 1500m

Four races completed. 40.7km of pavement pounded. I'm tired, my legs are done and my calves are screaming. My approach for the final 1.5km of the weekend was to put in a hard effort. I had no particular time goal in mind. I didn't think too much about my collective time for the weekend until just before the race. Dan calculated I had a chance of finishing the event in under a total of 3 hours. The catch was I had to complete the race in under 5 minutes and 30 seconds (3:40m/km pace!). I have done this before in training and 5k races but never after running 40.5km! Queue the expectations! Being the harsh critic I am of myself, my satisfaction level for the weekend would now all come down these 1500 metres.

At the start line I was nervous and questioning myself as always. The 750m turnaround was visible but looked a very long way away. I figured I would just run solid in the first half and bring it home strong with the wind and a slight downward slope. Ten, nine, eight...three, two, one, bang! The first half played out almost the same as the other events over the weekend. Surrounded by the same guys. Same guys going too hard. There was one particular runner I had grown a dislike for because of his antics. There was no way I could let him beat me. Just like in all the other races he was in front of me for a period. I didn’t panic because I knew he would fade like a red t-shirt in the sun once we reached the turnaround.

As expected I passed him and a number of other guys right on the turnaround. Once I completed the turnaround my eyes were fixed on the golden finishing arch in the distance. The end was only a couple of minutes of pain away. I ran towards that golden arch like a hungry 8 year old runs towards the M shaped golden arches. The second half of the race was over in a flash. I was so fixed on the finish line I have little memory of it. I may have passed a few guys but there was no way I was going to let anybody pass me. I managed to bring it home in 8th place in 5 minutes 4 seconds (3:22m/km pace). I achieved my goal of a total event time under 3 hours and also picked up 3rd place in my age category for the race!

Even though we race against tens, hundreds and even thousands of people our primary competitor is always within. We are our harshest critic and toughest competitor. That little voice almost always takes a negative/conservative approach. This weekend was more a test of mental strength than physical fitness. I found warming up before every race following the first was quite a stiff and sore experience and I began to question how I would get through the race that followed. As soon as the race started the stiffness and soreness evaporated (somewhat!). The distraction of having other runners around me, the determination to get one up on the "rivals" I had developed over the weekend and knowing they are hurting as much as I pulled me through. Nothing is more demoralising than being passed approaching the end of a race. In every race I passed somebody in the closing stages. That helped silence that inner voice which gave me a great boost to finish strong.

Before I joined BRS I ran my first half marathon at this event 4 or 5 years ago. Back then I saw other running clubs competing in the event and hoped I could do the same myself one day. I had such a great time with the crew and the running was pretty good too. It would be great if we could get a big BRS crew out there next year. Major events like Gold Coast and Bridge to Brisbane are a buzz but I get the most enjoyment out of the smaller community run events. There is a lot more passion amongst the organisers and competitors and there is always a great feel about it. Many thanks to Matt, Liss, Dan and Bridget for the great weekend and well done on your efforts!

THANKS SOOOOO MUCH NICK for your contribution!!! Love it

Happy Running Renae & Matt

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