Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our Holiday and Saturday Session


The adventures of Renae and Matt continue.......

It wouldn't be a typical holiday for the two of us without some kind of hiccup, this one being in the form of a volcanic eruption.  I am glad to say that we did make it back to Australia after only 3 days delay and we are back in the swing of regular lives in Brisbane again.

We had an awesome time, swimming, eating, drinking (in moderation of course) and shopping.  The people in Bali are so friendly, the weather a balmy 32 degrees every day and no rain.

We did manage to get some running in.  30 minutes every second day in that humidity is enough I think. Renae hit the local yoga studios for some hard core sessions (2 hours each!!)

We would like to take this opportunity to again offer our thanks to Matt and Liss for stepping up with training during the days we were delayed in Bali.  We couldn't do it without you guys.

Saturday Session

When:  Saturday 18 July 2015

Time 6am -7:30am
WhereMeet on the steps of the Southbank Surf Club at Streets Beach, Southbank

What: Long Run with plenty of options.......
  • 1 hour run, followed by some stretching and chatting, 
  • Use the full 1 hour 30 min run
  • 55min run followed by parkrun 5km to help you push yourself for that last 5km!**NOTE: Parkrun meeting point has moved to the green opposite the River Quay. **

Breakyfollowed by Breaky and Coffee!

Cost: $2

Good luck to those doing Jetty to Jetty on Sunday! a fabulous event. 

Happy Running 

Renae & Matt 

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