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2016 Mantra, Wed 24th February session + BRS Mini On Tour 2016

2016 - What will it hold?

With 2016 well underway, it was time to reflect on 2015 and talk about what's up with BRS in 2016!
BRS on Tour being in January this year has put us  little behind releasing our 2016 approach, so here we go!

As you know, each year at BRS we have a new mantra, something to give us variety, keep our members engaged, and to ensure we keep having fun! Last year was Inspiration [inspire me to live, laugh and run!]. We had our 6 inspirational bloggers and 6 inspirational facebookers who all had a free RechargeHQ Massages, we achieved our goal of Electronic sign in helping us to better understand our members and save the environment, and we continued as planned to integrate the latest running research into our sessions. There was one thing we didn't do that we promised....revamping the website :-(  So I apologise, 5 years on, its starting to look a little worn! I won't make this promise this year, but if I get to it, wow it will be a huge bonus. I am not one to go live with something I am truly not ecstatic with!

2015 also saw us introduce a variety of expertise and style into our coaching team, Matt & Liss have more regularly been coaching, and Matt L has been enjoying the spotlight of coaching and mentoring every week. I have really really missed seeing you regularly and meeting our new members, hopefully 2016 will see me more regularly at sessions.

There was a lot of thought about 2016 and how far we have come as a club, but what more can we offer? The biggest thing we love about BRS is the sense of Community....and we want to continue to nurture and grow that aspect of our squad.....

so for 2016, our mantra is 
build it, nurture it, and make it count!
If you look at any definition of community, its something like a group of people who are connected by relationships and common goals and values. Everybody in a community believes in its importance for themselves, and others! 

What makes a community exist? They don't just sprout up for no reason!

We know this to be true, so this year our efforts will be on nurturing our existing running community, expanding the community to help more and more people enjoy the life benefits of running (and BRS!), and make sure every interaction with BRS counts!! 

In line with this, our major projects or initiatives this year are:

1. Regular Newbie nights/Bring a friend nights: coming along to your first session with any new sporting team is very daunting, we want to make that process easier by having nights dedicated to newbies and people from  your existing networks coming along!  Through this we hope to inspire more people to be regularly active and make new friends.

2. Drawing on the wider running community: each month we will have a celebrity athlete session. The BRS session will be designed around a favourite session of one of our Australian Athletes. Learning from others in the running community is a great way to freshen things up!

3. Supporting Smaller Community events: There are soooooo many new events on the calendar this year and of course heaps we have never tried before. This year we will focus on some smaller events as well as a few of our major races.  Our Mini BRS on Tour 2016 is to Warwick for their annual Pentath-run, mini in duration, not mini in distance or effort!! We will continue to support Parkrun as a community event and its time we gave back with some volunteering sessions too!

4. Making it Count!: with people's lives become a little crazier by the day, we endeavor to ensure you continue to get the most out of your interactions with BRS.  Our coaches will continue to be there to guide and support you every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. We will continue with our quarterly dinners, these are becoming a perfect opportunity for BRSers past and present to catch up on each others lives. Events: we will focus on only 1 event per month or skip a month if there are no events in line with our training/goals/focus.

We will continue our valued relationships with Mizuno, Ship Inn, RechargeHQ, and Shoes Feet Gear.

BRS Calendar:

I have started to populate the What's On page with upcoming events. I will continue to add to this and I will put a PDF version on the page also. Due to the nature of shift work and our experience is we have had to constantly change our social dates posted early in the year, so we will now post these on What's On and Facebook 6-8 weeks out from a social event. 

We look forward to running 2016 with you!!
Renae, Matt L, Matt C, & Liss 

Mizuno Night out  +  First Birthday dinner of 

year + bring a friend! 

Haven't been to training for a while due to injury (or babies!) is your chance to come along and catch up for dinner!!

Been wanting to drag a friend along for ages.........bring them along for free!!! they won't regret it!

Need a new pair of shoes not sure what to get? come along and see Jess from Mizuno and she will fit you with some test wear shoes for the session. Try before you buy!

With Mizuno releasing new models of shoes, and new releases of previous models, its time for a test wear session!! I know many of you are in the market for new shoes after the big lead up to On Tour and others who are due a new pair or two for 2016, this is an opportunity for you to come along, try new models and have a chat to Jess our new Mizuno Rep!

We are also combining it with our first social dinner of the year, AND why not bring a friend, they will train for free + they can also try out Mizunos to start their BRS running career!!

When: Wednesday 24th February

Time: please arrive at 5:45pm if you wish to trial a pair of Mizunos and order our dinner before the session please.

Where: our usual spot, the Ship Inn, beer garden side

What: Mizuno test wear shoes, chat with Jess our Mizuno Rep, BRS bring a friend for free, followed by our first social dinner of the year!!

Dinner - 7pm after training

We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. Remember:

Mini BRS on Tour
So for those of you who missed it on Facebook this week........

announcing our 1st Mini BRS On Tour! We have just come back from a successful campaign in Tassie, now lets set our sights on May 2016 and head to Warwick for a mini BRS On Tour. 

5 events....2 days......42.2km! Yes the Warwick Pentath-run
When: Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May 2016
Where: Warwick, QLD (2 hr south-west of Brisbane)
Race 1: 21km (Sat)
Race 2: cross country 4.6 (Sat)
Race 3: 5km (Sat)
Race 4: 10km assent (Sun)
Race 5: 1500m (Sun)

You can enter 1, 2, or as many as you like!

  • Due to the limited accommodation at Warwick, please book your own accommodation as soon as possible.
  • Book for nights Friday 20th & Saturday 21st May. If work commitments allow it, why not book Sunday 22nd night too and join us for a celebration afternoon/night!

Entries: Enter before 30th April for some seriously reduced rates! There are no team entries for this event, so please just enter as an individual in the events you would like.

Transport: due to the proximity of Warwick to Brisbane, please organise your own transport to get to the event. 
Free Shuttle Buses will return runners to the start points for Race 1 and race 4.
Runners can book our bus ($5) to Killarney departing from Warwick (WIRAC) at 6.15am for Race 4. All other races start and finish at the same location.
A bus will be available for the return to Warwick after Race 1, buses start leaving from 9.30am. Competitors please indicate whether requiring a bus by ticking relevant boxes on the bus transfer section of the entry form so organisers can ensure adequate seats/ buses available.

Family/Friends? Of course, bring them a long. There are some great options for newbie & less confident runners and smaller distances for kids.

What's included in the On Tour?
Due to the nature of this race and its proximity to Brisbane, as above please organise your own event entry, accommodation and transport. 
Based on numbers, we will organise a Saturday and Sunday dinner venues. Please make your own arrangements for breaky's, lunches, snacks, and race nutrition.

BRS On Tour uniform will be different for this one, considering the time of year and conditions! Stay tuned. 

Please email when you have made the decision to join us. I can then ensure we keep you in the loop with On Tour details. I will send you a form to complete. 


Lets get out there and support this 'not for profit' community event. Every year, after race expenses, any remaining funds gets distributed to the volunteer groups/our heroes for the weekend!


Happy Running, see you all soon!

Renae & Matt

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