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2017 What is happening, Saturday Session & Deputy Dan & Nick!

2017 What's on?

WELCOME TO 2017!! 

BRS is now officially in our 8th year of operation! 

Thank-you to those who have been with us for that whole time, those of you who have popped in and out over the years, and those who will be joining us for the first time in 2017. 

Matt and myself, and Matt and Liss are really looking forward to this year, supporting you all to achieve your goals, pursuing our own coaching and running goals, and of course 2017 BRS On Tour...........

2017 ON TOUR   Friday 22 September to Saturday 30 September 

We are heading back to the Cook Islands for our 6th BRS on Tour! So far we have had many adventures, conquered many a course, and had many a laugh!
2011 Cook Island
2012 Sydney Marathon Festival
2013 Phuket Marathon 
2014 Airlie Beach Run the Great Whitsunday's Walk
2015 Cadbury Marathon Festival (Jan 2016)
2016 Warwick Pentath-Run (mini on tour!)

2017 - Back to the Cook Islands for their 40th Running Festival. This is still one of the best running festivals we have been to. The combination of Island hospitality, swim recoveries, variety in courses, and relaxation, make it a perfect 5 day event!  

General Information on the events can be found here below is an overview. 

The 31km race starts at Sinai Hall (across from Beachcomber in Avarua) at 5:30am and the 10km race will start in Muri at 7:30am. 

Celebrate 40 years of Round Raro Road Race with fellow race participants on the GOING TROPPO Nightlife Bus Tour. 

This is a day of rest in the Cook Islands with limited activities available. The Official Prize Giving Ceremony and Dinner will kick off at 6pm. Venue to be confirmed. 

The local Hash House Harriers birthday promises a Costumed Run that is not to be missed. It starts around 5.30pm at the Spaghetti House Restaurant, Edgewater Resort. 

The Nutters Cross Island Run is approx. 8.5km that starts at 2:00pm from the Inspiration of Rarotonga (opposite Vaima Restaurant) and heads over ridges across rugged valleys and riverbeds down to the Avatiu Coastline. The remarks from this run have been branded the most difficult in the country. It is not recommended for the fainthearted. The record still stands unbeaten at 45 minutes, and promises to be an exciting challenge. If you think you can beat it, give it a go!  OR walk it!! 

The relay will start at 2:00pm for the walkers and 4:00pm for the runners at the Spaghetti House Restaurant

How do you sign up?

We are happy to announce we are working with Sue from Amazing Travel to provide her expertise in helping us organise our 2017 On Tour. We are finalising the packages which will include: 

1. Flights
2. Accommodation (with breakfast) @ Edgewater Resort 
3. Race Entry or Supporters Entry
4. Transfers

Note: friends, partners family, and children are very welcome on Tours. Children under 12 stay free at the resort and they have a kids club offering organised activities and cultural excursions for children 4-12.

Mention your interest on our Save the Date FB event , personal message or email on 

The week of 9th January we will be releasing the packages and sending out the expression of interest form. 

So, what are we aiming for before that??  There will be plenty for everybody, even if you can't make Cooks, doesn't mean you are forgotten! 

Join us in the 8 months of preparation, mentally, physically and socially!!

For starters: 

South East Queensland Trail Running Series

We are only half way through the South East Queensland Trail Running Series. 4 down, 4 to go! 

This is a fabulous series and we would encourage you to have a go at the last 4 to keep you motivated and adventurous before the road events get in full swing again. Remember there are 2 events per race, a long and short course. 

  • James Drysdale Recreational Park Sports Ln Bunya
  • Hinze Dam, Spillway Rd Gilston
  • Options: 14.7km 8.3 km
  • Ewen Maddock Dam
  • 164 Connection Rd, Glenview
  • Options: 19.3km  13.7km
  • Underwood Park 1028 Underwood Rd, Priestdale

Use code 'BRS' to obtain 10% discount off your entries. 


This is a great event to get us ready physically and psychologically for running consecutive days in the Cook Islands in September. 

Enter & Information: 

It is in it's 15 year now and such a fabulous community event.

5 events in 2 days! A challenge, but so rewarding and FUN!

You don't have to enter them all, pick and choose and come along to soak up the atmosphere and support the rest of the crew. 

Race 1 – YMCA Half Marathon

Race 2 – Warwick Credit Union “X” Country 4.6km 

Race 3- Darling Downs Hotel 5km Road Race 

Race 4 Nike Robina Ascent 10km

Race 5 -Voyage Fitness 1500m

Get in quick, it is a small town and everything books out quickly. It doesn't really matter where you stay as 3 of the 5 events are a drive out of town. 

Event Prices: 



This is always one of our favourite events of the year. So well organised, something for everybody and a great atmosphere. Also a good lead up to the Cook Island events. 

Early Bird Closes - 30th April 2017

Join our BRS Team for a 10% discount on the early bird prices below. 
Entries in the BRS team close on Sunday 30th April to obtain the extra discount. 

BRS Team Code = BRS123

There will be many more events throughout the year, both running and social that we will participate in and organise. Keep an eye on our Facebook page! @BRSBrisbaneRunSquad 

Saturday Session 

It doesn't look like cooling down anytime soon, so lets hit Southbank and make good use of the pool. 

When: Saturday 7 January 

Where: Meet on the Southbank Surf Club Steps

Time: 6am-7:30am

Cost: $2

What: There is no time like the present to start your build for this year. If you need to start from walking, that is fine! If you need to work on hills, why not do a long run with efforts on all the hills. If you need to work on your speed, do a warm up followed by a fast 5km parkrun! The options are endless. Simply turn up before 6am, find out whose keen for the same thing, and make it a running date! 

Next Week 9th & 11th Jan Sessions

This week, Matt, Liss, Matt, and myself are away, so we are unavailable to coach.......but don't fret! Dan and Nick have offered to host the sessions to keep you all on the straight and narrow for 2017!

They will have the box for valuables and refreshments. These sessions are not official coached sessions, rather a chance for you to all still meet up for a run. 

BIG THANKS TO Deputy Dan and Nick!


I think that is all. 

Happy running
BRS Coaches.  

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