Thursday, October 5, 2017

Saturday Session, On Tour Wrap Up & BRS Birthday Party Update

Saturday Session

Join us for a long run.  If we haven't seen you yet since our return from Cook Islands would love to catch up.

Good luck to all competing in the Tooheys Trail Run on Sunday.  Hope to see some of you there for your last little turning over of the legs before the race.

When: Saturday 7th October

Where: Meet at Captain Burke Park

Time:  6am - 7:30am

8am - Breaky and coffee at Puk

On Tour Wrap Up

Well we have returned from our Cook Island tropical getaway.

We all have the post holiday blues, returning to work and getting on with our normal life.

Once again I would like to congratulate everyone on their individual performances and thank everyone for making this BRS on Tour so memorable.  I felt like it really brought us together as a team.  That is hard to do with such an individual sport like running.

We are now turning our attention to next years BRS On Tour location.  And I am very excited about the options and possibilities we are all coming up with.

Can't Wait.

BRS Birthday Party

Final details are being made for our 8th Birthday Party.  

Keep an eye open for the facebook Invite.

When : Saturday 18th November
Time: Lunch and/or dinner options

Hope all can make.  I know I'll be racing to get there!!!

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