Thursday, May 10, 2018

Saturday Session, Hitting the Stairs, & THE CUT!

Stairs anyone??

In preparation for hiking in South America, Matt and I are turning some of our Saturday Session runs into 1.5 hours of Kangaroo Point Stairs and Hills. We welcome anybody who wants to do the stairs too. Pop on a pack or come as you are! 

Here are the times and dates: 

Saturday 12th May 6am
Saturday 19th May 6am
Saturday 9th June 6am
Saturday 16th June 6am 

More the merrier!!

Saturday session 

Join us this Saturday for some stair hiking as above or a run! Or a run/walk  Or a walk

When: Saturday 12th May

Where: Meet at the Kangaroo Points Cliffs Cafe

Time: 6am - 7:30am

What: Options. Run down to New Farm or Southbank for a parkrun, a longer run, maybe the UQ circuit, or whatever gets you moving!

Cost: $2

Breaky at the Cafe afterwards. 

Next Events

Good Luck to those participating at Warwick Penthrun next Weekend. It is always a fabulous few days of running, food, and catch ups!

Next Sunday the following events are also ones: 

7 News Gold Coast Running Festival


2km - 21km

Pine Rivers Charity Fun Run


Renae & Matt are going to give this one ago, if anybody is keen! 

The CUT!! Saturday 2nd June Nerang

It's new and it sounds awesome!!

Coops is in and keen to build a team! 

So the gist is, you will run anything between 9km and 75km based on your speed, endurance, and ticker 

The circuit is a 1.5km at Nerang, Hope Street. 

You get to run the circuit at least 6 times = 9km.......THEN

After that, you keep doing laps and each lap you are deemed SAFE or CUT. 
Generally, it will be the last 2 people cut each lap. 

There are rests and breaks built in, around 10km, 30km 45km etc. Toilet and food stops!

Sounds like a great who is in?? 

There will be a prize for the winning team/club/group. The more people in your group, the better chance you'll have - the winning team will be the team with the most amount of laps completed between the entire group.

The Cut Ultra Marathon will be a full-day party. Think Bands, Beers, and Cheering!

It's going to be a long day of running for some, a long day of cheering for others, and a long day of fun for everyone. Fun you say? Or did we say? Either way, we're talking food, music, picnics, drinks, dancing, maybe even a short arvo siesta? Whether you plan on only running 10km, or you reckon you’re hitting the ultra and beyond, block out the full day for this one - and block out the day for your family and friends too, ‘cause this event is as much about the party as it is the run!


Put Brisbane Run Squad as your team name. 

Happy Running

BRS Coaches 


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